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Google Talks About the Links-for-Money Spectrum
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In a Q&A session at SMX Advanced in Seattle, Google’s Matt Cutts talked at length about paid links. He was asked several questions about this.

Google recently announced it is now reading javascript and acting upon it. In the past, the advice given out has been if you have paid links, you should either nofollow those paid links or use javascript because Google didn’t read it.

Take Care of Your Links
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Links are what make up the web. They drive traffic to sites. They add value to articles. While some content providers may prefer not to have a lot of links to their content, most strive to get as many as possible.

Digg Tries to Put DiggBar Controversy to Bed
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Update: Digg’s proposed changes to the DiggBar are now live.

Original Article: Digg made an announcement today regarding the controversial DiggBar, which some people have embraced enthusiastically, while others have shaken their fists at.

The Most Important Domains and Pages on the Web
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SEOmoz has a couple of very interesting charts showing the top 500 domains and the top 500 pages being linked to from different places. This paints a pretty good picture of what sites are held in the highest regards by content producers.

Matt Cutts Answers Canonicalization Tag Question
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Google’s Matt Cutts continues to post helpful videos at Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel, in which he answers user questions. The latest question he tackles comes from a guy in Chicago who asks:

Does the new canonicalization tag make it safe to add tracking arguments to some of my internal links without fear that Google will split the quality signals between the two addresses?

Digg Speaks About DiggBar and Your Traffic
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Last week, Digg released the DiggBar, a toolbar that sits at the top of your browser as you view content from Digg. It frames the content not only with the bar itself, but with a custom Digg URL. The following clip demonstrates what it does if you have not encountered it yet.

Google Patents Showing Link Info Before Click
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All the way back in 2003, Google filed a patent application for "Methods and systems for assisted network browsing. That patent has been granted this week. The patent abstract reads:

Matt Cutts on Social Media Links in Google
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Google’s Matt Cutts has really been taking the bull by the horns when it comes to reaching out to the community. He’s posted another answer to a user question (yesterday we looked at his response to one about Google’s spell corrections) via YouTube video.

Google’s Matt Cutts Answers Link: Operator Questions
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Google’s Matt Cutts has posted a video in which he responds to user questions regarding Google’s [link:] search operator. He answers the following two questions:

- How accurate is Google’s backlink-check (link:…)? Are all nofollow backlinks filtered out or why does Yahoo/MSN show quite more backlink results?

– If you have inbound links from reputable sites, but those sites don’t show up in a link:webname.com search, does this mean you aren’t getting any "credit" in Google’s eyes for having inbound links?

Google On Limiting Links
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As you may or may not be aware, Google recommends keeping the number of links on any given page to under 100. This recommendation can be found among Google’s webmaster guidelines under the Design and Content Guidelines section.

What’s the Web Without Links?
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In an age where the web appears to be getting more and more open, with the rise of data portability and everybody sharing stuff with everybody else, it is fascinating to see that a newspaper publisher is suing another one that is linking to its content.

Top 5 Reasons the “C Word” Should Be Your Priority
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I’m not going to tell you that "content is king." You already know that. There are reasons why your best bet for running a successful online business revolve around your content though.

1. Links

Showing Respect With Your Anchor Text
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Bloggers and other web-based writers do a lot of linking. It’s great for the Blogosphere. In fact it’s really the only reason we have a Blogosphere. How often are our links misleading though? I’m not talking about "paid" or sponsored links that are deceptive and just trying to go after a click. That’s another issue entirely. I’m talking about just the everyday point-of-reference links.

Google Gets Back To Linking Basics

Although it takes less than 15 seconds to create an outbound link, some people will spend quite a bit more time agonizing over the ramifications.  Now, Google’s issued a blog post about outbound links, and the company’s official stance amounts to "relax."

Should You Buy Links?

This old chestnut.

There is a post over at Search Engine Land by Danny Sullivan entitled "Conversation With An Idiot Link Broker". To cut a long story short, some guy tries to broker a link deal with Danny, seemingly not knowing who Danny is, and Danny plays him along. Danny reports him to the Google spam team.

For the sake of furthering discussion, I’ll play devils advocate :)

Arkansas Paper Upset Over Walmart.com Classifieds
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Wal-Mart recently partnered with classified Web site Oodle.com to launch free classified ads on Walmart.com and is already creating a controversy.

When users in Arkansas clicked on some of the classified ads on Walmart.com they were led to classifieds from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper. Paul R. Smith, president of WEHCO Newspapers, Inc., the company that publishes the Democrat-Gazette, said Wal-Mart and Oodle do not have permission to use the ads.

Google on Nofollow

According to WPN, Google is announcing a Help Center for the NoFollow attribute. You can find it here: What is nofollow and why was it created?


So What Links Should you Nofollow?
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A few weeks ago, there was a lively exchange on Search Engine Land about using the “nofollow” link attribute to sculpt PageRank.

Links On Yahoo Answers Lose Power
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This isn’t nearly as serious as having a car’s wheels fall off while a prospective buyer takes a test drive.  Still, even as Microsoft tries to push Yahoo into a sale, links within questions and responses on Yahoo Answers have ceased working.

Video – How Links Can Drive Value

This is a somewhat basic video about how links can drive value. Props to Stunty for his 12 Different Types of Links and How To Get Them.


Addressing Assumptions of the Original PageRank

When the original PageRank algorithm was conceived, it was built around the a mathematical formalization called random walk or RW.

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