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Blogging Guidelines Already Unpopular With Bloggers

Earlier, I wrote about these new content curation/news aggregation guideline initiatives that were brought up at SXSW, and first reported on by The New York Times’ David Carr. I didn’t look much at what others were saying about them before I shared my own thoughts (which are that they won’t work, basically). Since then, I’ve looked at some other articles …

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Is Linking Something That You Should Have To Pay For?

Should you have to pay to link? Sadly, it’s a question we keep having to ask, because organizations and lawmakers keep giving us reason to. If you’re a longtime reader, you probably already know my stance on this: the web is based on pages freely linking to each other, and when barriers are set up that impede that, it makes …

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Linking to Lowes.com? Better Get Permission First

Don’t link to Lowes.com unless you have the time to fax a license request to them. Ars Technica has found that Lowes.com has a ridiculous policy on linking to them. They require that Web sites that link to them must fill out a form. The actual idea of having to receive permission to link to a Web site is pretty …

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