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Social Media & B2B

One of the people I met a SMX was Lisa Ditlefsen of SEO Chicks (did I mention I totally need an SEO Chicks shirt for when I start video blogging again). During the SMO session she asked a question about how to use social media for B2B clients.

Jarboe at SES Toronto

Speaking of Search Engine Strategies Toronto, did you know that Incisive Media now hosts half-day and full-day training sessions – intensive workshops on special topics to bring you fully up to speed – the day prior to the SES conferences?

The SEO Playbook (Welcome to the Rabbit Hole)

SEO is about more than meta tags, title tags, and targeted anchor text. Call it "competitive webmastering", "SEO", or any one of a slew of other titles – it is the thought process of lateral thinking and understanding of website creation and marketing combined that matters most.

The Linkbait Bashing Circuit

Lately it seems to be quite fashionable to be on the linkbait bashing circuit. I came across a story on Digg which ties into my belief that you can make practically anything cool if you try hard enough.

Linkbaiting: Grab Them With The Title

If search engines are the next great marketing machines, then links are the fuel that drives the mechanism of search engine optimization and rankings. Obtaining quality inbound links might seem like a daunting task, but in actuality there is an effectively simple element to linkbaiting that is often taken for granted.

From Linkbaiting To Widgetbaiting

The concept of linkbaiting has heretofore been an abstract one. Nick Wilson, CEO and senior strategist for social media marketing agency ClickInfluence, is one of the biggest proponents of the strategy while admitting it’s “not an exact science.” But maybe this year it will become more tangible with the advent of Linkbait 3.0, or as Wilson calls it, “widgetbaiting.”

The Link Baiting Playbook

Linkbaiting is all about the bait. In the same way that you can’t catch a giant tuna with a bag of doritos – you’re not going to get the attention of important bloggers, journalists, or other folks with some garbage content or news.

2007 Linkbaiting

I don’t know who’s smarter, Nick Wilson for writing this excellent post on linkbaiting tactics for 2007, or Danny Sullivan for persuading him to publish this post (which is blatant linkbait itself) on Search Engine Land. Regardless, it’s a great read.

Linkbaiting or Link Baiting?

Rand mentioned that there are multiple types of linkbait, those that are known as controversial and those which are informational or comprehensive. I view them both as being in the same category though…evoking emotions and thus links. :)

Win Yourself A Link and a Coconut – Contest Linkbaiting

I just want to take a second and pass along one of the coolest linkbait ideas I’ve seen in a long time.