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Brand New Websites: SEO Company Perspective
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It’s an unfortunate fact – no matter how good your search engine optimization company or in-house talent is, brand new websites have a more difficult time achieving search engine success for competitive phrases than their older counterparts, particularly on Google.

SES: Link Building
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Link building expert Eric Ward  Mike Grehan gave some informative tips on link building basics at SES San Jose.

Reciprocal Links: What’s Excessive Anyway?
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It’s widely known in SEO that gaming links is dangerous, and too many questionable references can cause Google to give you the boot. Still, the power of the link is there, and this leads many SEOs into a reciprocal link network (link to me and I’ll link to you). The question remains though: how many is too many?

How To Dump The Link Sluts

Though the future is still uncertain for the overall importance of links, the quantity and quality of inbound links, for rankings, they are, for the time being, the surest way to improve search engine rankings. Aside, of course, from great content.

Is Link Authority Dead (Dying)?
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After extensive gaming, Google’s algorithm (it is assumed) shifted from using the quantity of links as an indicator of source authority, to measuring the quality (reputation) of the linker in order to determine relevancy. Gamers are still there though, this time with bigger budgets, and things may be about to change again – most likely to a much more complicated game.

SEW Live – Link Building

Collyn Floyd, online marketing/PR specialist for the Karcher Group, spoke at SEW Live Columbus, Ohio giving tips on link building.

Link Building Tips
Oh we love the links and then some here at TopRank. Old school online marketer Larry Chase published a few more link building tips and resources in his most recent Web Digest for Marketers newsletter. I’ve added a few of my own comments:

Links And Content Need Each Other, For Now

I can’t help but think this is a silly discussion, like an argument about whether or not Lois Lane could really have Superman’s baby, but I’m diving in anyway to wrap my head around it and, in the process, take you with me.

Brand New Link Building Methods

Link baiting is getting new methods everyday. The latest to be added to the list are Rockets, Sleepers, Late Bloomers, Duds, Honey Pots, Screwdrivers and Pubs. Most of us have never heard of them before and that is why it’s such a lovely linkbait itself.

The Link Building Mindset – A Baker’s Dozen

We all know that one-way links from authority web sites are essential if your link building efforts are to be successful. But what does it take to get those authority sites to link to you? Well, you’ll probably guess that it is not easy – quality links don’t materialize from feeble or automated requests. To get those ever so valuable links you’ve got to adopt the right mindset – the principles that show link targets you mean business and that you’re worth linking to.

Email and Link Building

The difference between getting 5 links and 50 links for a story is often just a couple good mentions.

Building Quality Inbound Links
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One of the most important factors in determining a site’s PageRank, as well as overall ranking within Google’s index, is the quality of incoming links. Today, we look at some tips from insiders across the web on how to go about building a quality incoming link structure.

Link Developers and the Link Building Cycle

Better. Stronger. Faster. It’s important to constantly redefine link training techniques.

Link Building And Dangerous Heights
· 1

Verticals may be the place to be for a particular business, but Eric Ward warned attendees at a WebmasterWorld PubCon Boston session to beware of flying too close to the Sun.

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