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Making Link Bait Work For You
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Link baiting. You’ve heard of it, most likely, but maybe are at a loss as to how it works or how to make it work for you. In this article, we explore both the search and social aspects of link bait, what it is, and how it can be approached.

SEW Live – Viral Marketing And Link Bait
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Jennifer Laycock, Search Engine Guide Editor gave several tips for search marketers at the SEW Live in Columbus, Ohio.

The Link-Building Battle: Directories Vs. Link Bait
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Directories are under fire, and a debate has ensued concerning just how badly they’ve been hit.  Yet despite an onslaught from social media sites and link bait, everyone seems to agree that directories still have some life in them.

Doing Good and Link Bait

I was reading an article (here too) just the other day about how National Amusements, a company that owns 1500+ theaters, gave away free movie tickets (and popcorn and drinks!) for the US armed forces and their families to “offer enjoyment and relaxation, and to keep families together” for the whole month of July.

Digg Bait vs Link Bait
There are two perspectives on creative link building that I’ve been thinking about lately involving creating content and resources that offer value and the sensationalism of content promoted through social news communities. My take is that link bait focuses on creating unique, useful and provocative content that people respond to by linking to it and sharing with others.

Link Bait: The Path To An Improved Web
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With link bait becoming such a popular and successful tactic in SEO it was only a matter of time before people started rallying against it as the most evil thing to hit the world of marketing sincewellsince, whatever was the last successful SEO tactic.

Win Yourself A Link and a Coconut – Contest Linkbaiting

I just want to take a second and pass along one of the coolest linkbait ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Quality Content VS. Link Bait

As you probably know, there are a lot of articles on creating link bait. But what is link bait for your customers and how can you create the most efficient content?

How To Pick Up Girls (And Make Link Bait, Too)
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Link building is one of the fundamental elements of SEO. While there are various ways to increase your inbound link count – in the trenches of buying, selling, and trading – the most powerful and efficient way is through link bait, the finer points of which are as teachable as “how to pick up girls.”

SES 2006: The School Of Link Bait

Creating link bait, or Web content so compelling it spreads faster than a stomach flu on a cruise ship, is a lot like developing a sense of humor – or like figuring out when its okay to use a metaphor and a simile in the same sentence.