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Lime Wire’s Plans for Working with the Music Industry

Earlier this year, we spoke with Lime Wire CEO George Searle about the music industry and the company’s future, as it offers one of the most widely used file sharing services. Now we have engaged in a Q&A with Zeeshan Zaidi, who came to Lime Wire as the company’s Head of Global in July, with a background as a record label executive, a musician, and a lawyer.

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Lime Wire CEO Talks Music Industry & Company’s Future

Lime WireI recently got in touch with George Searle, CEO of Lime Wire, who owns one of the most widely used file sharing services of the same name. Even if you have never used LimeWire, you have no doubt read about it, as it has been mentioned frequently throughout the years when illegal file sharing lawsuits are reported on.

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Lime Wire Wants to Play By the Rules

Lime WireFile sharing outfit Lime Wire is looking to go the way of Napster, but in an even bigger way. As it continues to battle the RIAA in legal matters, independent labels are embracing the service as it strives to become legitimate.

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