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Would The Walking Dead Be Better With Lightsabers?

You can take my word for it. The answer is no. The Walking Dead would not be better with lightsabers. What’s wrong with you? Or, if you need proof, go ahead and watch the video: See? Pretty stupid. If you like videos of lightsabers inserted into popular television shows, you might also enjoy this Game of Thrones one. More The …

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Would Game Of Thrones Be Better With Lightsabers? Watch This Video To Find Out

The answer is no, but this video does exist, so enjoy. I’m not going to bother with a lot of explanation on this one. It’s Game of Thrones and it’s lightsabers. What else do you want from me? I will say that effects-wise, it looks pretty good. The video was made as its creator’s first attempt at rotoscoping in Adobe …

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YouTube Announces Course Of The Force

YouTube has announced some new original programming that may rival the Olympics. Chris Hardwick, actor and comedian, has taken to the YouTube blog to announce Course of the Force. Nerdist Industries is partnering with Lucasfilm and Machinima to host the event which will see a five-day Olympic-torch-style lightsaber relay run that will begin on Santa Monica pier on July 7 …

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