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Zendaya Coleman: Rumored Reason Why She Quit the Aaliyah Biopic

Zendaya Coleman has officially dropped out of the Lifetime biopic of Aaliyah. On Sunday, June 29, the 17-year-old singer-actress’ representative released a statement announcing her decision to decline the role of the late singer. According to Yahoo! News, Coleman explained …

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List Is Cancelled
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Jennifer Love Hewitt, will have to start looking for work soon, after her drama The Client List just announced its cancellation. The Client List has been cancelled by the Lifetime network after two seasons on the air. She is an …

Holly Deveaux Set to Portray Casey Anthony in New Movie
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Holly Deveaux, who you may remember from such motion pictures as, well, nothing, has signed on to play Casey Anthony in a new movie produced by — wait for it — the Lifetime Network. According to UPI, the film will …