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ASP.NET Developers and SEO
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If you’re developing for the Web then you should familiarize yourself with some Search Engine Optimization or SEO concepts.

The Ajaxifiation of Yahoo

Jeffrey Veen, echoing what Mike Arrington said (“Millions of people may have their first interaction with Ajax in the coming days.”), asked Is Ajax ready for prime time?

Ancestry.com Expands Database A Lot

“The year was 1850. Gold was discovered in California. The Scarlet Letter’ was published. Where were your ancestors?” That’s the advertising line attached to Ancestry.com’s latest update: complete census records from 1790 to 1930.

Gary Price Is The New Jeeves

I like the idea that Gary Price has replaced Jeeves as the go-to guy for information from Ask.com.

In Defense of Web Developers, Again

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a blog post titled Respect for Web Developers in which I said:

Yahoo! UI and Design Patterns Released

As noted over on WeBreakStuff:

Google Could Be the World’s Most Valuable Company
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Google’s share price could rise to $2,000, says the Daily Telegraph.

Library Of Congress Googles $3 Million Dollars

The World Digital Library project has received an infusion of cash from the search engine company to digitize rare documents from Asia and the Middle East.

NY Public Library Hosting Google, Scanning Foes

An event to be held in New York will have Google in attendance, along with representatives from the Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers.

Microsoft Scanning British Library

The competition with Google Print begins in the UK as Microsoft and the British Library have reached an agreement that will see 100,000 books digitized.

New York Library Opens Its Digital Gallery

The New York Public Library is offering a free digital image service where visitors can search and download a plentitude of images for research and study purchases. Commercial and promotional use requires licensing, however.

Skinning the Flash 8 Components
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Flash components received a major upgrade in Flash MX 2004. One of the areas that received a facelift is the skinning mechanism. Flash 8 introduces some changes to the workflow in the authoring environment and references to paths. If you have read the earlier version of this article on skinning the Flash MX 2004 component, this article will seem very familiar because I upgraded it to reflect the changes in Flash 8.

In this article, I cover skinning using the library and themes, and through code I explore skinning using the prototype method, subclassing a component class, and the initObject method. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to take better control of your application’s look and feel and have a good understanding of how flexible the skinning architecture is in Flash 8.

Library Of Congress Readies Thomas Upgrade

After ten years of work, the LOC will have a prototype ready to replace the legislative search engine.

Google Takes A Break From Print

The highly-criticized Google Print Library project has been put on hold until Novemeber. Google will use this break to find out which copyright holders don’t want their property included in the project.

Publishers Have A Problem With Google’s Method

Google is taking a break from its Google Print Library project until November. Google will use this time to try and figure out which books’ copyright holders want their property included in the project.

Using the Library

When working in Flash, you may find yourself having a large collection of symbols such as movie clips, buttons, and graphics.

Resizing JPEG images: JAVA Vs .NET
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Joint Photographic Experts Group or JPEG for short is the most common image compression format today.

Yahoo Hits The Road This Summer

With the summer conference schedule in full swing, search engine representatives will most likely be showing up at a city near you.

Harry Potter And The Library Sweepstakes

The biggest single print run in United States history of 10.8 million copies will see the first copy signed by author J.K. Rowling and donated to a library.

LWP (Library for WWW in Perl)
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If you want to automatically process web pages to extract data, you have a number of tools available. You can bring a web page down to your computer using “curl” or “wget”

Library Group Sends Questions To Google

The Association of American University Presses sent a letter to Google today asking it to clarify …