Malala Yousafzai: Books Are Anti-Terrorism “Weapons”

Malala Yousafzai: Books Are Anti-Terrorism “Weapons”

By Kristen M. Foster September 4, 2013

Tuesday, at the opening of the largest public library in Europe, 16-year-old Malala Yousafzai praised pens and books as, “the weapons that defeat terrorism.” The Pakistani teen, who gained attention when she was shot by the Taliban for advocating education …

Google Library Foe Penning Googlization Book
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Siva Vaidhyanathan sees reasons to worry about Google and its goal of organizing the world’s information.

Searchles Adds To Video Library
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Searchles, a social search platform has added to its video indexing to display embeds from video sites Metacafe, Liveleak, Veoh and CollegeHumor.

Cornell University Joins Google Library Project
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Attending Cornell University as an undergrad will cost you around $17,000 per semester.  But if you just want to look through the school’s libraries, it’s free – some of their content will become available to everyone, thanks to an arrangement with Google’s Library Project.

Google Library Project Gets Japanese Partner

For a while there, Google was gaining partners for its Books Library Project on what seemed like a daily basis.  That rush (appears to have) stopped, but now one more school has signed up: Japan’s Keio University.

Google Library Project Gets University Consortium

Aw, isn’t that nice: the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) is set to cooperate with Google and join the search engine giant’s Library Project.  The CIC is composed of 12 major American research universities.

Finding Online Sources To Trust

In the United States and the United Kingdom, a couple of librarian-driven resources show just how potent informational sites with vetted content can be for Internet users. Resource Shelf’s Gary Price tells us more.

Google Library Project Befriends Belgium

Ghent University is located in Ghent, which is a city in Flanders, which is a region in Belgium.  You probably recognized at least one or two of those names, but you’re sure to know this next one: Google.  And Google has just partnered with Ghent University.

Google Book Search Goes to Germany

The Bavarian State Library has decided to partake in Googles project to scan books from the world’s great collections.  As one of the largest libraries in the German-speaking world, the library has around nine million volumes and will make around one million books available to Google search. 

Online Resource For Small Business
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There is a new online resource that is focused on providing useful information to small business owners and entrepreneurs. The Biz Info Library launched today providing access to information, ideas and insights on owning a company.

“There’s too much information about entrepreneurship out there, so it’s difficult and time-consuming to determine what, and who to believe,” said venture capitalist and blogger Guy Kawasaki.” What’s needed is a vertical search engine for entrepreneurs and The Biz Info Library delivers on this need.”

Illinois To Ban Social Networks?

There’s a lot of talk surrounding a bill currently being proposed by Alaska senator Ted Stevens, which would place restrictions on access to social networks within public schools. Legislation introduced in Illinois, however, seeks to completely ban these sites from the state’s schools.

Illinois state senator Matt Murphy, a republican, has introduced a bill entitled the “Social Networking Web Site Prohibition Act” which would effectively ban the surfing of any social network sites from computers in public school libraries.

Google – Cultural Digital Archive?

Marc’s The Video Library of Alexandria post on O’Reilly Radar connected a set of dots for me that I can’t believe I never connected on my own.

In that, it certainly seems like an appropriate purchase for Google, much like DejaNews before it.

Ask Gets Smart For Children

Ask.com has added something new to their Smart Answer collection by making the International Children’s Digital Library available as a top-of-page resource for children’s literature-related queries.

Amazon’s aStores

I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for awhile but hadn’t actually been using it.

Google’s Latest Hotspot: Librarian Central

Google wants to speak – presumably using an “inside voice” – with librarians. To facilitate this, the search engine company has launched the Librarian Central blog. And while some of us might just accept that information and move on, there have been some surprisingly strong reactions to the development.

Playing w/ del.icio.us Web Badge JSON API
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Niall Kennedy wrote on his blog that The Yahoo Developer Network provided a short preview of the soon to be released del.icio.us webbadge.

Google Adds Library, Expands Edu Offerings

Google took another step toward the company’s stated goal of indexing the world’s information by adding the entire collection of public domain historical resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Historical Society Library to its Google Books Library Project.