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Vince Vaughn Buys Lane Kiffin’s House for $6.5 Million

According to the Los Angeles Times, Vince Vaughn has purchased former University of Southern California football coach Lane Kiffin’s Manhattan Beach home. Vaughn reportedly paid $6.5 million for the sprawling 7,308-square-foot mansion. The six-bedroom, seven-bath home sits on a 1/2-acre …

Plagiarism Charges Against Rand Paul Could Hurt 2016 Presidency Chances
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There is perhaps no topic that is preached more in college than plagiarism. The heinous act of plagiarism is hammered by professors so hard that some students become nervous writers and over-cite. However, there are also those students who seem …

Does Web 2.0 Signal A Political Shift?
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All philosophies are prisons. That statement in itself is a philosophy and an irony. I bring it up only because Rich Karlgaard did on his Forbes.com blog, relating how (by mostly guessing) that the seemingly oxymoronic "left-libertarian" is making headway in Silicon Valley, and therefore in society.