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Google+ Makes Splash in Social Sector, But Will It Last?

Google+ has been on quite a ride in its first 6 weeks of existence. It obtained 10 million users in just two weeks and is now said to have over 20 million users. The overall reaction has been positive, but since the platform is currently invitation-only, the early adopters have mostly been the tech savvy crowd.

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Twitter Takes Next Step with Advertising

Twitter recently introduced the latest aspect of its advertising plan called Promoted Tweets to Followers. The move allows companies to put tweets that include special announcements, offers, and more into their followers’ streams. These paid posts are inserted near the top of users’ streams to ensure that they will be seen even if users are not online when they are published.

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Could Forums Be More Valuable to Your Brand Than Facebook/Twitter?

Social media marketing is largely about engaging with your audience, and a big part of that is knowing where your audience is. A lot of brands may find that their audience is easiest to reach through forums, which are kind of the old school social networks.

Do you use forums to engage with your audience? Tell us about it.

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