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Nexus 5 Service Manual Leaks, Confirms Specs Once And For All

Late last month, an Android 4.4 log file pulled from a Nexus 5 was leaked onto the Internet. It seemingly confirmed the specs that Google’s Nexus 5 would be packing. With how leaks go, however, it very well could have been a fake. With that in mind, a recent leak pretty much confirms that leaked log file was the real …

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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The LG G2

Earlier this month, LG revealed its latest attempt to capture the smartphone market with the G2. It’s a high-end smartphone that’s unique in that it places the volume control buttons on the back of the device. Beyond that, it’s your basic high-end smartphone. Well, LG probably takes exception to the G2 being called just another high-end smartphone, and it has …

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LG Is Making The Nexus 5, Will Be Similar To The G2 [Rumor]

Last year, Google and LG released one of the best Android phones on the market with the Nexus 4. Since then, a lot of quality phones, including the HTC One and Galaxy S 4, have gone a long way in making the Nexus 4 look a little old. Google will no doubt fix that later this year with a new …

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20 Injured, BB Guns Shot At LG G2 Promotion

Last week, LG announced its new flagship Android smartphone, the G2. The device’s differentiating feature is that the buttons traditionally found on the edges of smartphones have been moved to the back of the G2, just under the camera. It’s an interesting design idea that may or may not catch on with consumers, but now the G2 may be associated …

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LG G2 Smartphone Officially Announced

LG Electronics today finally revealed its latest flagship Android smartphone, the LG G2 – not to be confused with the (now ancient, in tech terms) G2 smartphone released by HTC three years ago. LG’s device had been much teased in the weeks leading up to today’s announcement event in New York. The G2 will have a 5.2-inch screen with a …

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