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Bill Cosby Adds Humor To Lewis Katz’s Memorial

His T-shirt read “Self-Made, Philly Made, Temple Made.” His sweatpants were red, and he hadn’t bothered to shave. Instead of the typical black attire most associated with funerals, Bill Cosby opted to wear a pair of blazing red Temple University sweatpants and a tucked in black T-shirt to his friend’s memorial service on Wednesday. The 76-year-old comedian actually went to …

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Bill Cosby Among Speakers at Memorial for Lewis Katz

Bill Cosby was one of the speakers at a memorial service for Lewis Katz held on Wednesday. Katz died when the plane he was on crashed during takeoff at Hanscom Field in Bedford, Massachusetts on Saturday evening. His service was held just a day after a National Transportation Safety Board official said data from the flight recorder showed the plane …

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Hanscom Plane Crash: Two Victims Identified

The Hanscom plane crash that occurred in Bedford, Massachusetts on Saturday night tragically claimed the lives of seven people. Two of those people have now been positively identified. The plane was a private Gulfstream IV jet. It crashed as it took off from Hanscom Field for Atlantic City, New Jersey. Lewis Katz, 72, was among those killed. He was the …

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