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Tina Fey Uses Parenting Technique

Tina Fey told David Letterman in an interview on Friday that techniques she developed working with Alec Baldwin help her deal with her strong-willed three-year-old. Tina has three-year-old Penelope and nine-year-old Alice. Apparently, Penelope is quite a handful. So much so, that she has to plan ahead and consider the fact that Penelope’s fits are not a matter of if, …

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Lindsay Lohan Cries as Letterman Brings Up Rehab

To put it mildly, Lindsay Lohan has had a rough few years. While dealing with criminal charges, arrests, probation, and rehab, her once fast-moving career has come to a screeching halt. There are signs, though, that the ginger actress is improving both her health and acting prospects. Lohan starred as Elizabeth Taylor in last year’s poorly reviewed Lifetime TV movie …

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Kelly Ripa: Regis Philbin Hated “Beautiful Baby Week”

As you might imagine, Regis Philbin doesn’t care about prom fashions, or back-to-school topics, or anything involving the youth of today. He’s a grown man, after all, and the latest trend in prom dresses doesn’t–and probably shouldn’t–appeal to him. The problem is, it was his job to talk about those things, and he hated it. When lovably-gruff Philbin was still …

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