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Comcast: Nightmare Rep ‘Did What We Paid Him to Do’

In an ideal world, canceling cable would go something like this… Hello, my name is Bob Willis and I’d like to cancel my cable services. / Ok, Bob. Have a nice day. / You too, completely helpful and non-confrontational customer service representative. Of course, we don’t live in this world. Instead, we all live in a depressing hellscape where canceling …

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Canceling Cable Is a Hellish Ordeal, Exhibit A

You want to know how a company earns (and I mean really earns) the title of most hated company in America? Well, this is a start. Canceling one’s cable services is a nightmare, and most everyone who’s ever tried is all too familiar with the ‘customer retention agent’ and their incessant attempts to keep you hooked. “So! Last week my …

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