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Marketing Lessons from Santa

If a nonexistent man can change the world and millions of people with a message of joy then his marketing plan surely works. Right? Then what has Santa been doing right all these years that we can learn from?

Microsoft CRM Implementation – US market lessons

Microsoft CRM is CRM answer from Microsoft Business Solutions. If you compare it to other traditional CRM applications, such as Siebel – you will see that Microsoft CRM does use all the resent Microsoft technologies, that means that Microsoft targets its CRM to Windows market exclusively, plus this means that Microsoft CRM is more difficult in its installation.

Six Lessons for Getting in the Right Mindset For Starting Your Own Business
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Believe it or not your childhood attitude towards a fence shapes your business mindset. As you’ll learn from my experience starting a business, having the right mindset is the key to being an entrepreneur. It’s all about being a fence hopper instead of a fence sitter.

Lessons From The New Google Bomb
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I’ve had several people write in asking about how to use the new method of Google bombing to raise your rankings, and many people in the forums have dropped their own little bombs to test out how it works.

Three Business Lessons From The US Postal Service

There was a buzz in the air recently about the US Postal Service. Seems as though they were running into a budget deficit in the billions.

Lessons in Leadership: What NOT to do…from a Canoe!

When it comes to fishing, my husband takes the lead. But his lack of leadership ability in a recent canoe trip on the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota offered wonderful lessons on how leaders can unknowingly screw up.

Web Copywriting Lessons From Direct Marketing

Would you send a million letters costing tens of thousands to print and mail, in a direct marketing campaign, without testing the letter content first? It’s what many website owners do when they don’t test and measure their own website copy and content then spend thousands on web marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their websites.

586% Sales Growth: Lessons From Vitacost.com

While most dot com companies have gone the way of stock options, a few shining stars remind us that there are still real, living, growing dot com companies. One such company is Vitacost.com.

Five Lessons Open Source Developers Should Learn from Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming, or XP, isn’t so much revolutionary as it is evolutionary. Developers have known the value of code reviews, testing, and good communication for decades, though we’ve ignored that knowledge far too often in practice. Five Lessons You Should Learn from Extreme Programming explained several XP practices that apply to non-XP projects. A little common sense, a bit of learning from failure, and a lot of discipline can improve your team.


Life lessons can come from unexpected places.

I have learned much about myself from the game of racquetball.

Marketing Lessons Learned From The “Nightmare Freezer In Our Garage”

It was early Saturday morning when I scrambled out to the garage to try and find the strawberries that I’d bagged up in the summer and put away into the “deep freeze”.

Online Activists’ Lessons For Online Business
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Over a 48-hour period, the online political activist site MoveOn.org, ran a groundbreaking online Democratic primary that netted 317,647 votes — far more than actual turnout in many states’ actual Presidential primaries.

Money Lessons From Cashflow 101

I started playing Cashflow 101 board game two years ago. The board game was invented by Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, to increase your financial intelligence.

Lessons in Creating a Productive Dialog with Consumers

*This is an independent examination of the idiotic promotion practices of some marketers. Pepsi and Coke are not sponsors or co-sponsors of this examination. Pepsi is a registered trademark of Pepsi Corporation. Coke is a registered trademark of Coca Cola Corporation

Profitable Target Marketing: 6 Lessons from Major League Baseaball

Does your business struggle with profitable online marketing? If so, you are not alone. Attracting the right customers to a site and keeping them coming back – while also turning a profit – can be a challenge. Consequently, I’m always on the lookout for ways to demonstrate profitable online strategies.

7 Lessons For Your Life and Business From Wimbledon

There are immense similarities between peak performance in sport, and what it takes to perform well in your life and business. The sports arena offers great opportunities to learn more about playing successfully in life and business. As I watched the recent tennis at Wimbledon it struck me that there were strengths and characteristics in the players that are necessary for us all in order to perform at our absolute best. If you want the best performance, either in your personal life, your career or your business, here are the 7 key things you need and which I observed in the tennis players.

The Clickbank Crash of 2003: Lessons Learned

I had a rude awakening recently. I checked the days’ worth of sales from one of my sites and there were none. This had never happened before and of course I was anxious to find out what was wrong.

Business Lessons Learned From The Mall

Normally in this column I dispense highly-intelligent small business advice in response to thought-provoking questions submitted by future and fellow entrepreneurs. This week, however, I have a couple of questions for myself, one of which makes me wonder how truly intelligent I really am.

Site Review of Lessons of TR

Welcome to the land of the weird.

Job-Search King of the Hill — Tough Career Lessons Learned on the Playground

When you were a child, did you ever play a game called “king of the hill?” In my childhood neighborhood we had a low sand hill just right for playing king of the hill. A dozen of us would rush to the hill to scramble and push our way to the top. The hill only allowed one person on top-the king, the champ.

If I could start over… Lessons learned in e-publishing business

As my online business approaches its 1st anniversary, I look back on my efforts and results, trying to summarize and draw conclusions. What would I have done differently if I had to start from scratch again? What could I have done better? If you are just starting out in an information publishing business, or thinking about going into an e-business, the information I will share with you could be absolutely priceless as I will speak completely from personal experience.

If I had to do all over again, here are the things I would do differently: