Bing Gives Some Lessons On Bing Maps

Bing Gives Some Lessons On Bing Maps

By Zach Walton May 23, 2012

Google and Bing do things differently. I think we all understand that by now. Their differences apparently extend to how they teach. Google teaches people through their weekly Office Hours Hangouts which gives developers to talk to the people behind …

Are Blog Posts Ever Finished?
Today I came across an interesting post by Joshua Porter of bokardo.com. The post, 9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers, as you might expect from the title are some lessons Joshua has learned in his years of blogging. Darren Rowse has a follow up piece, Lessons from the Heart for Would-be Bloggers, at ProBlogger. While I’m not planning on talking in depth about each point there’s a theme running through a few of the points I would like to discuss.

First the 9 points

Lessons In Linking With Robert Scoble

The fastest way to anger the collective hive-mind that is the blogosphere is not to link to it. The second fastest way to anger the blogosphere is to accuse others of not linking to it. The lesson there is that not linking is the unpardonable sin, and PodTech.net’s Robert Scoble stepped forward over the weekend to throw the first stone.

Blogging Lessons Learned
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We’ve been blogging here at Online Marketing Blog for just over three years, learning ins and outs along the way.

Trampoline Systems: Social Lessons

Charles Armstrong, co-founder and chief executive of Trampoline Systems, which bills itself as “Enterprise Software That Harnesses Social Behaviour,” is an ethnographer by trade and the study of human social phenomena, based on fieldwork, lies at the heart of Trampoline’s applications.

Lessons from Blog Business Summit

There is a dichotomy at the Blog Business Summit; it is not a bad dichotomy, but it is interesting.

The Lessons of Software, Services, CRM and ERP

Applying the “P” to sales performance management and other new markets…

Good Web Lessons From Bad Jocks

Bob Reno is a good example of how passion for a topic and a little sensationalistic human appeal can be a solid recipe for building a website. As the founder of Badjocks.com, Reno dedicated the site to misbehaving athletes who don’t realize that posting raunchy party photos on the Internet isn’t much different than displaying them in Times Square.

FORWARD: Lessons from Silicon Valley Journalists

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Silicon Valley PRSA blockbuster lunch and took notes. From these notes, I wrote a post for the FORWARD blog, the student-run Website and blog, for students.

Mark Cuban’s Lessons for Revolutionaries

Regulars here know that I am a huge Mark Cuban fan.

Good Nighttime Media and Other Fun Discoveries

Indie music by the Los Shoegazers (that’s Valerie Landau’s son Camilio – I know Valerie through NextNow, a group of intellectuals who hang out with Douglas Englebart, among other smart people).

5 Lessons in Expertise – A Blogger’s Evolution

I always wanted to be an expert in something. After six years of college and two degrees, I thought I was a political expert.

Apple Offers Podcast Lessons

Apple has launched a video podcast (iTunes link) that demonstrates how to use the new iLife suite to make one.

RyanAir Success Has Strong Web Lessons

Despite record fuel prices, Ryanair makes record profits. Its no-frills website has helped this no-frills airline achieve such phenomenal success.

Berklee Finds Free Lessons Hit A Rich Note

Free music lessons from the Berklee College of Music have helped the school see growth in its paid programs.

Lessons from the Mark Jen Episode

John Foley at InformationWeek interviewed fired Google blogger Mark Jen and summed up the episode into five takeaways for corporate bloggers…

Website Usability Lessons Still To Learn
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Via Boing Boing, I came across an interesting report on how people react to advertising when visiting websites. No prizes for guessing the most hated advertising technique – pop-up ads.