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Laporte Sticks TWiT With Stickam
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Leo Laporte’s ‘This Week in Tech’ live video show moved to Stickam.com exclusively, as the streaming provider kicked on 16:9 high-definition resolution for its shows.

Answers To Your Blog Commenting Questions
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I guess that could be the case if you’re not very serious about your blog. However, if you truly possess the passion to even take the time to blog, you’re going to want to make the most of it.

BlogWorld: Cult Of Blogging, Minus Two Members

In a session called “The Cult of Blogging,” the sect turned out to be a little smaller than expected; out of three scheduled speakers, only one managed to show up. 

Om Malik gets a pass – the poor fellow apparently threw his back out – but Michael Arrington simply forgot to come, leaving us with Leo Laporte and surprise guest Justine Ezarik.

BlogWorld: Future Of New Media Includes Audio

A lot of the blogs you’ll see are all text; there are also plenty featuring only video.  But according to Leo Laporte, a sweet spot exists around the concept of podcasting.