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Amazon Reinstates Lendle’s API Access

Oh what a rollercoaster ride for little ol’ Lendle. Yesterday we told you that Amazon had revoked the book-lending app’s API access, shutting the service down completely. This news came merely 6 weeks after the service took flight. It didn’t take long for Lendle to get up and running again, however, as Amazon has restored their API Access. @lendleappLendleWe’re back! …

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Amazon Shuts Down Lendle

Have you had a chance to try Lendle yet?  If not, you may never get the chance.  Today Amazon revoked the application’s API access.  Lendle, a program that allowed Kindle users to lend books from their libraries to friends for a couple week period, was only in operation for around 6 weeks. If you go to the Lendle website, this …

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