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Leila Hatami Scandal One Example of Iranian Misogyny

We told you recently about the scandal that has erupted in Iran over famous Iranian actress Leila Hatami. While attending the Cannes Film Festival , Hatami was greeted by Festival president Gilles Jacob with a customary two-cheek kiss. The kiss was filmed and photographed, as everything surrounding the festival is, and ended up being seen by the folks back home …

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Leila Hatami in Trouble in Iran Over Kiss

Iranian actress Leila Hatami co-starred in the 2011 film, “A Separation,” which won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. But now she is in the world spotlight for a very different reason. Leila Hatami was attending the Cannes Film Festival where she was greeted by the president of the Cannes Film Festival, Gilles Jacob, with a customary two-cheek kiss. Most …

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Leila Hatami’s Kiss On The Cheek Displeases Iran’s Media

A simple kiss on the cheek has caused controversy in the international film community. Cannes Film Festival Gilles Jacob kissed Iranian actress Leila Hatami as a greeting on Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival. A public kiss, even on the cheek, can be a big no no in Iran, especially between people who aren’t married to each other. Jacob, along …

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Leila Hatami In Hot Water Over Kiss At Cannes

Leila Hatami, a popular Iranian actress, is in headlines today after cameras caught her giving the customary double-cheek kiss at Cannes to festival president Gilles Jacob. Iranian deputy culture minister Hossein Noushabadi is outraged that Hatami would kiss a man who isn’t her husband in public view, saying that it damages the reputation of Iranian women who are meant to …

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