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24% Of Households Have a TV Connected To The Internet
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Nearly a quarter (24%) of all U.S. households have a television connected to the Internet, according to a new report from the Leichtman Research Group (LRG).

The report found consumers connect to the Internet via variety of devices including a video game console, a Blu-Ray player, or a compatible TV.  While Internet connectivity has become a common built-in feature in many devices, consumers are just beginning to use this feature to watch video from the Internet.

Broadband Growth Declines In The Second Quarter

The number of new broadband connections in the U.S. declined in the second quarter to the lowest level in seven years according to the Leichtman Research Group.

There were 887,000 new connections in the quarter among the top 20 cable and phone providers. The top broadband providers now account for 65.1 million subscribers with cable companies having 35.3 million broadband subscribers, and telephone companies having over 29.7 million subscribers.

Online Video And TV

The percentage of US adults who watch online video continues to increase but it is not coming at the expense of TV. According to the Leichtman Research Group at least 14 percent of adults watched online video once a week as of December 2006.

In the past year total online video usage has increased but the percentage of adults watching video has seen little change. An earlier LRG survey found that 4 percent of adults viewed online video daily and another 11 percent weekly.