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House Passes Weak Spyware Bill

The I-SPY legislation that made it through the House of Representatives lacks consent provisions that could help protect consumers.

House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
House Passes Weak Spyware Bill
Speaker Pelosi Queries Yahoo Answers
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Yahoo’s efforts at heightening awareness of global warming has drawn a question from a very high-profile person for the Yahoo Answers audience.

Utah’s Scared of the Internet
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Utah lawmakers are at it again, mulling a legislative crackdown on open wi-fi connections because they make it easier for children to access online pornography.

The state of Utah has been in the news a lot lately for its heavy-handed approach to Internet regulation. The most recent curfuffle was over a law banning the use of competitor keywords in search advertising.

Digging The Read The Bills Act
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A bill, not written by Congress, requiring that US representatives actually read legislation before voting on it, under penalty of perjury, has been around a couple of years, but hasn’t received much attention. The authors of the bill aim to remedy that through an online viral campaign, leveraging the sudden power of social networking.

Senator Wants to Block Tubes

Senator Ted Stevens has already achieved a certain kind of blogosphere and Internet infamy for his comments about teh Internets being "a series of tubes" (click the image for a dance remix of his address to the Senate). Now, he seems to want to compound that infamy by passing legislation that would block most social networking sites – including not just MySpace, but virtually any site that allows user contributions, including Wikipedia – from any school that receives federal education funding.

FTC Wants Marketers to Know Legislation.

Copyblogger has been digging around a new statement made by the Federal Trade Commission and reported by the Washington Post.

Tech Firms Fear Privacy Lawsuits

A dozen high-powered companies inside and outside of the technology industry jointly requested Congress pass a law to protect the privacy of consumers, while insulating them from being “brought to their knees” by class-action lawsuits.

Web Application Security and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
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An important issue facing companies today is Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, but, as the U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) is relatively new, the implementation of the regulation has not been fully established.

Computer E-Waste Recycling Now Fueled By Lack Of Australian Legislation

Motivated by the lack of Australian government legislation and limited options available concerning the disposal of computer e-waste, IT Recyclers has initiated a much needed computer recycling service aimed primarily at Sydney business who wish to play an essential part in reducing computer landfill.

AOL on Ohio’s Antispam Legislation

AOL released a statement regarding adoption of the nation’s newest state antispam bill by the Ohio legislature.