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Morgan Freeman Says: Legalize It, Sonny!

Morgan Freeman is saying what everybody else has been thinking: Marijuana is illegal, federally. Alcohol is not. And one of those is bullshit. The Daily Beast spoke to Morgan Freeman recently and the topic of his marijuana use came up. Morgan freeman was in a car accident seven years ago and had to be rescued with the Jaws of Life. …

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Cannabis Zombies in Colorado Held at Bay

For decades, small groups have tried to convince average Americans of a few simple facts about marijuana. They spoke to anyone who would listen about how no one ever overdosed on marijuana. They tirelessly campaigned against the mistaken notion that Reefer Madness was a documentary. They produced one scholarly paper after another showing that marijuana was medicine, and that it …

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Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Trade

Today is a historic day for the potential global expansion of legalizing marijuana as a trade. While the majority of the United States think that the use of marijuana should be legal, another country is considering legalizing other components of the marijuana trade beyond consumption. Uruguay is poised to become the first country to fully legalize the trade involving growing, …

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Marijuana Legalization: What About Hash?

The legalization of marijuana in the state of Washington has raised a new, related issue: What about hash? The concentrated marijuana extract, considered by some to be the “cognac” of the pot world, is specifically precluded by the law approved by voters last fall. But there’s a loophole. While pure hash oil is verboten, hash “infused” products are fair game. …

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Marijuana Legalization in Pennsylvania Gets Allies

The Pennsylvania capital of Harrisburg is abuzz with talk of a new bill introduced by State Senator Daylin Leach that would legalize, regulate and tax marijuana in the state. After a report by the American Civil Liberties Union on the matter, the NAACP has thrown its support behind the bill, as has another group that might surprise some: members of …

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