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License Plate Profiling Miffs Coloradans

Everybody thought that Colorado had it easy, what with the legal pot and all. But it turns out there may well be some rust on that “legalize it” pot of gold. Drivers from Colorado are starting to complain that they are getting hassled with driving in other states. They are accusing cops from states other than Colorado of “license plate …

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Dear Abby Column Talks Legal Marijuana

The seminal advice column Dear Abby waded into waters recently that it probably never would have in decades past. In an answer to a letter from a “Colorado Mom”, the household name took on the headline topic of legal marijuana. The writer expressed concern that her son was getting mixed messages from media sources about marijuana. She said that her …

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U.S. Marijuana Policy Needs Overhaul To “Cash Only” Sales

With the Colorado recreational pot explosion slowly gaining the nation’s acceptance, and in the process, proving to the world that recreational marijuana can go off without a hitch, the U.S. Treasury and law enforcement agencies are more accepting of state-sanctioned cannabis businesses. Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana sales opened its first pot store on January 1. Although our government isn’t …

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Alaska Marijuana – It May Be Legal Soon!

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Alaska is in the hands of voters now. Supporters of the ballot in Alaska delivered a petition, with over 45,000 signatures on it, to Gov. Mead Treadwell Wednesday. If the Governor’s office can verify the validity of at least 30,169 signatures, the measure will show up on the ballot in August allowing …

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Marijuana Legalization – Let The Fun Begin

Pot sales have begun as the first day of legal recreational marijuana sales commence in Colorado. A former Marine, Sean Azzariti, walked into a big store at 8 o’clock in the morning, just a few miles from the downtown Denver area, and bought a bag of pot. And it was legal. He bought it for fun – to smoke when …

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Marijuana Legalization: Long Lines Form for Purchase

Recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado on Wednesday. What started out as a a few people lining up outside pot shops early Wednesday quickly grew to crowds of hundreds as the day progressed. With the rise in demand came the rise in prices as well. One shop reportedly raised its price for an eighth of an ounce from $25 to …

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