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Michelle Trachtenberg Talks Playing Marina Oswald

Michelle Trachtenberg will play the wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, Marina Oswald, in the upcoming made-for-TV movie Killing Kennedy. She spoke recently with the L.A. Times about researching the part, as well as how it feels to portray the only main figure in the Kennedy assassination scenario who is still alive. Marina Oswald was a young Russian bride 50 years …

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Lee Harvey Oswald: Wedding Band Up For Sale

Lee Harvey Oswald has remained one of the most fascinating and mysterious people in our history; as the man who fatally shot J.F.K. from a Texas book depository, he was widely hated, yet many are still curious about what made him the man he was before that fateful day. Oswald’s wife, Marina, has moved on from that day and built …

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Oswald Neighboring Grave Mystery Solved

Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who infamously shot and killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963, has had a mysterious neighbor buried next to him since 1997. The grave inscribed ‘NIck Beef’ has matched Oswald’s in simplicity since it was first put there. Visitors to the Fort Worth, Texas cemetery that is home to one of the most famous murderers …

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JFK Assassination: Secret Service Might Have Been Involved

The JFK assassination is coming up on its 50th anniversary, and as the date approaches several movies and documentaries will be popping up on television. One of the most intriguing is “JFK: The Smoking Gun”, which will debut on ReelzChannel this fall. In it, retired police detective Colin McLaren says he’s gone through four years worth of evidence regarding the …

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