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Who’s Really Leading Techmeme?

Anyone who’s followed Techmeme knows TechCrunch and Michael Arrington should be at the top of any list of authors and story sources for the blog aggregating site. Vik Singh thought it would be interesting to make those lists.

The Techmeme Pile-on – Good or Bad?

Tim O’Reilly has a great post up on O’Reilly Radar, in which he talks about what might be called (although he doesn’t use the term) the “stupidity of crowds.” Using the meltdown in quantitative hedge funds, Facebook apps and Techmeme.com as examples, he talks about how too many people chasing the same idea causes a decline in the value of that idea. As he puts it:

TechMeme: It’s Not the Size of the Audience…

This isn’t a discussion that will necessarily have a neat conclusion – that’s sort of the nature of debate. But A-list bloggers dogpiled on the value, or lack there of, of headlining on TechMeme, and branched out to a more robust discussion about the value of quality (lesser, niche) traffic over the pounding servers get when headlining elsewhere.

SEOmoz Invites You To Take SEO Quiz

Who is the most knowledgeable SEO whiz out there? Apparently Rand Fiskin was curious about this, so he developed a “tool” where SEO gurus can test their mettle.