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Use Images & Drive Traffic
Jennifer Laycock writes a great article on how using images can boost traffic.

Hide & Seek With Google

After the success of her 30 Days series, Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide has set herself a new challenge: See how well a new site can survive if it hides from Google and other big search engines.

Link Request Form Smells Of Elderberries
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Creating a link usually requires no more than a few clicks, but when linking to the Irish Cancer Society, a 700-word “link request form” must be filled out.  According to the group, you’ll need to print and sign that form, and then fax it to the society’s headquarters, as well.

SES 2006: The School Of Link Bait

Creating link bait, or Web content so compelling it spreads faster than a stomach flu on a cruise ship, is a lot like developing a sense of humor – or like figuring out when its okay to use a metaphor and a simile in the same sentence.

SES 2006: Pimp That Site!

Most sites could benefit from a little nip and tuck, and when that can increase their search engine visibility from nil to above-the-fold in the SERPs, the impact on a site can be dramatic.

Yahoo Continues Fight Over Nazi Paraphernalia

Furthering a story that began in 2000, the US Court of Appeals has ruled that US District Court judge operated outside the realm of his jurisdiction by attempting to rule on a case with international ramifications. The issue in question stems from a suit filed (and won) by two French groups in 2000 to stop the sale of Nazi memorabilia through Yahoo France’s online auction site.