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New Google Privacy Policy Has Japan Concerned

Everybody is getting so worked up over the new Google privacy policy that’s going live today. First it was the European Union and the FTC who came out against it and now it seems that Japan doesn’t like it that much either. The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications posted a notification to Google yesterday in regards to its …

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Hawaii Could Force ISPs To Log All Browsing History, Indefinitely

In the current political climate, with all the buzz about SOPA & PIPA and now H.R.1981 & ACTA, Hawaii state representative John Mizuno has to be outside of his mind to introduce a comical piece of legislation like H.B. 2288. Take that back. In any climate, John Mizuno would have to be outside of his mind to introduce a bill …

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No Hands-Free Devices For Drivers Idea Fails To Win Public Support

There are plenty of things that a driver can do to distract him/herself to a dangerous degree – texting, disciplining children, drinking beer, eating a meatball sub, etc. And while most people can agree that first thing on that list, texting, is a pretty unsafe rush hour activity, Americans are unsure about new regulations proposed by the National Transportation Safety …

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Should Teachers And Students Be Friends on Facebook?

My 20-something-year-old friend is a high school history teacher. That means that he is not that far removed from high school himself – and definitely not that much older than the students in his classes. It also means that some of his students feel more comfortable with him; he’s young and seems more accessible than many of the older teachers. …

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N.J. Sexting Bill Would Send Teens to Sexting School

We all know that technology has made it so much easier these days for kids. I’m not even that old and I remember when I had to leave a message with my friend’s mom and wait for them to call me back. Landlines, I know, right? And social media allows teens instant contact with hundreds of their friends. Remember when …

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