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Monster Drinks Investigated For Targeting Children

Monster Beverage Corp. is coming under attack in an investigation by a New York state attorney general and a San Francisco city attorney general. Amidst all the death reports cause by energy drinks, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed that there is no solid evidence that the beverages have caused them. Yet in October, WebMD reported that a Maryland couple filed …

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More Backlash From Google’s New Privacy Policy

More concern over Google’s announcement of new privacy policies, this time from prominent lawmaker Edward Markey. He’s demanding a probe into Google’s management of consumer data. This comes after yesterday’s issuance of a letter to Google from a group of lawmaker’s demanding clarification about consumer’s rights under the new policies. Markey

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Can Consumers Opt-Out Of Google’s New Privacy Policy?

Beginning March 1st Google will begin to monitor user’s habits, preferences, and proclivities much more closely and in a systematic fashion. The company reports that they will do this to help refine their products and deliver more effective advertising. This has a lot of users in an uproar! Now the policies have caught the attention of several U.S. lawmakers. In …

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