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Pixsy.com Scours RSS Feeds for Images

I’m not sure if publishers are going to like Pixsy.com or not, but the new image search engine hopes to index millions of thumbnail images collected from RSS feeds, according to CNET.

Blogging Power Law Dynamics

Great article on blogs and power law dynamics that showed up on my desk this morning, from New York magazine.

Are Bloggers In Legal Jeopardy?

So let me get this straight: if someone annoys me online, via a web site or in an email, and doesn’t disclose their real name, I can have them hauled off to SuperMax?

Publishing on the Edge will Change the Game

Keith Teare has published The first law of RSS (updated) which says:

Wall Street Journal Legally Blogging

It took the Journal 106 years to make color a part of the print edition, but the publishers have integrated blogging relatively quickly to the online version of the paper.

Did Google Earth Violate US Law?
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Google has agreed to make changes to the resolution of images of sites in Israel, after concerns about security against terrorism surfaced.

Long-Armed Law of the Wiki

I’m just an amateur, but it seems to me that Mike Langberg is afraid of loosing his job. Can’t blame him, The Mercury News just went through a round of layoffs and print media economics are in shambles.

New Law: Auctioneer School For Ebayers?

All around the United States, state regulators are increasingly miffed at the revenue loss due to eBay auctioneers’ insistence they don’t need to go to auctioneer school to peddle their (or somebody else’s) wares online. Every few months, another state says enough is enough and the various Sheriffs of Nottingham want their cuts.

RIAA Countersued, Accused Of RICO Violations

A disabled single mother in Oregon has filed a lawsuit in response to a RIAA action accusing her of illegal downloading.

Blog Law: Queen Of Skies Vs. Delta

A disgruntled Delta flight attendant has taken legal issue with Delta pushing her out the airlock in the form of a lawsuit. Ellen Simonetti claims sexual discrimination over scandalous photos she posted on her blog.

This Week On Google Law

The line to sue Google begins on Wall Street and, like Google stock, has been growing exponentially since the company went public. The latest pair of Jack Horners trying to get their thumbs in the Google pie are Miami-based Updated.com and Minnesota-based CLRB Hanson Industries, both filing in California courts last week amid allegations of advertising misconduct.

Small Business Debt Collections Law Trap
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When someone owes your small business money, you certainly feel like a victim. But did you know that if you aren’t careful, you could break the law by trying to get the money back?

Some Folks Like Spyware… Really!

You’ll have trouble winning an argument with Eric Goldman, because like any good lawyer, he seizes on logical inconsistencies and factual shortcomings in arguments, and uses them to get spurious charges thrown out of court.

Remaking the Information Security Market
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A Bad Year for Information Security

Wine Project Gets Legal Help

The project, which offers a Windows API implementation that can run on Linux, hasn’t had much participation by big users of open source.

Canadian Rejection Of DMCA Rejected By US

US Trade Representative rewards Canadian rejection of DMCA by placing Canada on an intellectual property watch list.

Bush Signs Anti-Fileswapper Law

P2P piracy and Hollywood lobbying set the table for the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act.

Moore’s Law Being Revoked

Intel co-founder’s statement made 40 years ago theorized about advancements in computer chips.

Intel Celebrates Moore’s Law By Stressing Innovation

Intel Corporation CEO Craig Barrett today described the key technologies and policies that continue to move the industry forward and drive innovation.

Intel Will Pay $10000 For Moores Law

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore once wrote an article for Electronics Magazine, delivering his ideas concerning the future of transistors in relation to computer processing technology. This article went on to be known as Moore’s Law.

India Patent Law May Hurt AIDS Treatment

India has passed a new patent law which amends the country’s 1970 Patent Act, and affects many items including medicines.