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Small Business Debt Collections Law Trap
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When someone owes your small business money, you certainly feel like a victim. But did you know that if you aren’t careful, you could break the law by trying to get the money back?

Some Folks Like Spyware… Really!

You’ll have trouble winning an argument with Eric Goldman, because like any good lawyer, he seizes on logical inconsistencies and factual shortcomings in arguments, and uses them to get spurious charges thrown out of court.

Remaking the Information Security Market
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A Bad Year for Information Security

Wine Project Gets Legal Help

The project, which offers a Windows API implementation that can run on Linux, hasn’t had much participation by big users of open source.

Canadian Rejection Of DMCA Rejected By US

US Trade Representative rewards Canadian rejection of DMCA by placing Canada on an intellectual property watch list.

Bush Signs Anti-Fileswapper Law

P2P piracy and Hollywood lobbying set the table for the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act.

Moore’s Law Being Revoked

Intel co-founder’s statement made 40 years ago theorized about advancements in computer chips.

Intel Celebrates Moore’s Law By Stressing Innovation

Intel Corporation CEO Craig Barrett today described the key technologies and policies that continue to move the industry forward and drive innovation.

Intel Will Pay $10000 For Moores Law

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore once wrote an article for Electronics Magazine, delivering his ideas concerning the future of transistors in relation to computer processing technology. This article went on to be known as Moore’s Law.

India Patent Law May Hurt AIDS Treatment

India has passed a new patent law which amends the country’s 1970 Patent Act, and affects many items including medicines.

Blog Headaches at Harvard Law

The Harvard Crimson reports that Harvard’s liberal blogging policy has gotten a few students in legal hot water.

New Phishing Law Could Net Offenders 5 Years
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Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced an anti-phishing bill that would increase punishments for convicted offenders.

Creating an Environment in Law Firms Where Knowledge Management Will Work

The adoption of collaborative applications and knowledge management technologies by the legal profession has proceeded far less rapidly than many people would have expected or hoped.

Scoble’s Law of Five

As usual, Scoble gives great advice on how to get a product noticed by bloggers – find five bloggers and mention their names in posts to play to their egos.

Blogs, Law and Ethics

Wow, is it me, or is that headline a snoozer for a Friday … Well, law and ethics are becoming very relevant topics in the blogsphere.

MBA Launches Blogger Legal Defense Project

As bloggers increasingly face the ire of corporate lawsuits (witness Apple’s recent maneuvers) and until the courts set a precedent, there is an opportunity for the legal community to rally to assist bloggers in defending themselves.

Understanding Copyright Law Is The Hard Part

In the past two weeks I’ve posted two commentaries about copyright – copyright myths and the inadequacies of copyright laws.

Copyright Myths and Creative Common Sense

A handful of myths have spawned practices, particularly among bloggers and website owners, that turn copyright law on its head …

Harvard Law Event Takes a Hard Look at Web’s Influence on Politics

Harvard Law’s Beekman Center is taking a hard look this week at the blogosphere’s influence on politics during its biennial Internet + Society 2004 conference.

DMA Praises Department of Justice and FBI for Spam-related Law Enforcement

The Direct Marketing Association (The DMA) today praised the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for their substantial spam-related law-enforcement activities and actions.

Online Marketing Law! Whats Happening?
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You read that right. There’s a new law in California for online marketing. This law is thanks to the California’s Online Privacy Protection Act.