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Google LatLong Looks at New York, Europe

It’s Friday, and odds are that you wish it was Saturday.  Or that you weren’t at work – it usually amounts to the same thing.  And although the powers of time travel and transportation are beyond me, there are some Google-approved maps that focus on faraway places.

Google Street View Expands To Four New Cities
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Four more cities are now part of Google’s Street View program: Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando, and Houston.  As for when – or where – the next update will be, there’s still no word.

Google Acquires ImageAmerica

Google has made yet another acquisition, and this one involves a company called ImageAmerica.  The move should, in effect, help Google Maps and Earth progress from “hey, I can see my house” to “hey, my roof is missing a shingle.”

Google Earth Gets NASA Layer

Google Earth has just released a new layer, and within it, there are three different parts.  Each comes courtesy of NASA, and they’re called Astronaut Photography of Earth, Satellite Imagery, and Earth City Lights.

Sundance Channel Goes Green With Google

Kermit the Frog once sang that it wasn’t easy being green, but the Sundance Channel has found that easy to do with Google Maps.

Geoweb – Yet Another Google Buzzword

Google’s various geography-oriented services, like Maps, Earth, and Local, have a new blog to discuss those services, and they swear they aren’t trying to engage in buzzword proliferation.