Google Maps Gets Into Books, Pictures, And Videos

Google Maps Gets Into Books, Pictures, And Videos

By Doug Caverly December 14, 2007

The name of Google Maps is pretty self-defining.  Google is the owner, and maps are those little help-you-find-your-way drawings.  But now a new update is tossing books, pictures, and videos into the equation.

EPA Maps Air Pollution With Google Earth

Just about everybody uses Google, and the statistics that prove this are always impressive.  It’s especially interesting to see government agencies tied to the search giant, though, and in the latest example of this, the EPA is working with Google Earth.

Google Maps Allows Users To Move Markers

Google Maps is great, but, if we’re to face facts, it is not spot-on.  Addresses appearing on the wrong side of the road, or addresses appearing in the road, can confound users.  Now, however, they can take it upon themselves to correct place markers.

Google Transit Makes Itself Useful In Europe

Public transportation doesn’t seem too tempting when you’ve got a car in the garage.  But if you’re on vacation in another country, those sorts of systems start to look quite nice, and so we welcome the introduction of Google Transit trip planner for Europe.

MDG Monitor Goes Into Google Earth

Last week, Google partnered with the United Nations in an effort to end global poverty.  It was truly startling to see the two entities together, and all the better since they had such a laudable goal.  The partnership may not have been too effective, though, and Google’s done something about that.

More New Imagery For Google Maps And Earth

Eye doctors should ready themselves for a flood of patients; Google Earth and Google Maps have just received yet another huge update that’s sure to have users squinting at their monitors all day and late into the night.

Google Used To Track California Fires

Google’s products and services can’t don fire gear or grab a water hose.  But people are still using them in ways that will hopefully reduce the impact of the California fires.

130 Countries Covered In Google Earth Update
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Google Earth enthusiasts should prepare to lose another chunk of their lives to the program – a new update has been made, and this one covers “approximately 130 countries.”

Google Street View To Respect Canada’s Privacy

Canadian people have visible faces, and Canadian cars have legible license plates.  But when Google Street View offers images of Canada, these features will be blurred or otherwise blocked out in order to respect privacy concerns.

Google Maps Supports Custom Icons
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“See, you take a left at the green balloon, then a right at the red one, then make a U-turn at the yellow balloon . . .”  Not the best way to give (or get) directions, huh?  So Google Maps has added support for users’ custom icons.

Google Transit Spreads To New Cities
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It’s fun to “ooh” and “aah” over Google’s most interesting products and services, but it’s also frustrating to note their limited availability.  Street View, for example, doesn’t picture a road within 600 miles of my home.  But Google Transit has just added coverage in a handful of areas.

Google Maps Adds Over 1/4 Of World’s Countries

The number of countries in the world depends, as you might expect, on your definition of “country.”  But for the purposes of this article, we’ll peg that number at 192, and point out that the latest expansion to Google Maps saw nearly 30 percent of them get encompassed.

Google Moon Gets Major Updates
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When I think of incredible sights, a bunch of bumpy gray rock is not the first thing that comes to mind.  But toss in some astronauts and a few lunar rovers, and now we’re talking.  And now Google’s showing – an updated version of Google Moon has become available.

Google Maps Adds Line-Measuring Tool
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To me, camping means carrying a lot of stuff and sacrificing a decent shower.  Hiking, on the other hand, suggests a pleasant jaunt through the wilderness.  So a new distance-measuring tool from Google Maps is rather interesting – it should make sure that hikes don’t inadvertently turn into camping trips.

Google, BMW Enhance European Nav Systems

Europeans (and to some extent, the Japanese) get all the coolest car stuff.  The latest example of this involves a deal between BMW and Google; German BMW owners will benefit from a new in-car Google Local Search service, and a sort of precursor feature (previously available just in Germany) has now spread throughout Europe.

Google Earth Gains Live Traffic Info
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We’re still waiting to see this feature spread to more cities, but in the meantime, it’s spread to another program.  Now users of Google Earth can see the same real time traffic info that was once available only in Google Maps.

Google Earth Gets Book Search Layer

To research a place’s past, you could drive around looking for historical markers.  Or you could call up Google Earth; a new default layer allows users to “explore locations through the lens of the world’s books.”