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The U.N.’s War on the Internet: Could the Web Lose?

A lot of speculation has been floating around about a proposal from the United Nations that could impose a global Internet tax on the world’s largest content providers. Based on leaked documents from the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) that are being made available at, the speculation is, in fact, true. Although the language is vague, the documents …

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Is Net Neutrality Being Misrepresented?

Net neutrality is in the spotlight once again after Comcast’s recent announcement about its Xfinity video streaming service. The cable giant said that it would not count the television programming users access through Microsoft’s Xbox against their 250-gigabyte monthly data cap. On a FAQs page Comcast set up for the use of Xfinity on the Xbox 360, it states:

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Interview: FCC Lifeline Program – Will the Revamp Solve the Fraud?

On January 31, the FCC announced a complete overhaul of its Lifeline program. The program has been around for 25 years and is part of the Universal Service Fund. Its purpose was to help low-income families and those that live in rural areas have access to telephone service. It began with providing landline telephones but then added cell phones in …

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