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Factiva Social Media Roundtable

Some random notes and thoughts during Factive’s Social Media Rountable.

Cutting Dell Slack with Its Blog

So Dell has decided that it can no longer stick its head in the sand and pretend it’s not being flamed by bloggers everywhere.

Dell Begins Blogging

Oh, oh, this is becoming a trend. A human being on Dell’s Web site? Calling Jeff Jarvis, calling Jeff Jarvis! Oh, he already chimed in. Steve Rubel did too and says the same thing.

Lauren’s Right Knee And XML

Tim Bray co-edited the XML specification, and also crafted one piece of software called Lark, which was the first XML processor; until recently Bray had kept Lark under wraps.

Blogs as the Web Evolves…

The picture at the right comes from one of my favorite groups on Flickr: California Desert. I like this image in particular, because you get the sense that there are times when a path is quite clear.

Berlind: IT Research Desperately Needs More Transparency

David Berlind takes the IT research industry to task in his latest post on the Media Transparency Channel …