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New Google Labs: Related Links and Script Converter

Google has released a couple of new Labs projects. The first one is called Script converter, and the second one is called Related Links.

The Script Converter Lab lets users read the text of any script in the supported languages, which currently consist of:

– Hindi
– Bengali
– English
– Gujarati
– Kannada
– Malayalam
– Marathi
– Nepali
– Tamil
– Telugu

All you have to do is enter text or a web address in the box, select the language you want to read it in, and press convert.

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Google Search By Voice Learns Chinese (In Limited Fashion)

Many products are initially available in English, and then branch out into languages like French, Italian, German, and Spanish.  (There’s even an acronym, FIGS.)  But Google Search by voice broke with tradition – and started to make its way into a huge market – by moving straight from English to Mandarin Chinese today.

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Google Can Translate Between Over 10,000 Language Pairs

Google announced today that it has added 285 languages to the Google Translator Toolkit. It now has a total of 345, and Google says it can translate between 10,664 language pairs. The interface itself is availalbe in 35 languages.

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Facebook Resurrects the Latin Language

Facebook has added Latin to its list of languages that the social network now supports (there are more than 70 of them). Azeri, Faroese, Georgian and Nepali have also been launched.

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Google Releases Website Translator Gadget

There are all sorts of reasons for English speakers to view foreign websites (for info on the latest performance car parts available in Japan, for example, or for local coverage of any news event), and presumably a few people who don’t speak English would like to see our sites, too.  Google’s introduced a translation gadget to help them.

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Google Sites Goes Hebrew and Arabic

Google has introduced Google Sites in Hebrew and Arabic. This makes 40 languages that Google Sites now supports.

To change the language in Google Sites, simply go to More Actions > Manage Site > General. Site Collaborators can change the language of the interface by going to the user settings page from the My Sites list. If no language is set, Google uses the browser language setting.

Google Sites

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Google Translates 9 New Languages

Google announced today that it has added nine new languages to Google Translate. That brings the total number of languages supported up to 51, as well as 2,550 language pairs, including all 23 official EU languages.

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Google Docs Takes On Language Translation

Language barriers can make communicating the simplest things painful; no one wants to do a sort of hokey pokey just to find the nearest restroom.  However, Google’s attempting to leap way past basic human needs and help with complicated manuscripts by introducing translation technology to Google Docs.

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Google Apps Status Dashboard Launches In New Languages

The Google Apps Status Dashboard came online in late February as a way of offering "performance information" about Google’s various products.  The information was only available in English, however, and Google’s now letting users all over the world become more well-informed with the introduction of 24 new languages.

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Swahili Version Of Facebook Released

Facebook’s reach in Africa may have been extended today.  A Swahili version of the social networking site was formally released, and there’s word that alternatives in both Hausa and Zulu are liable to appear in the near future, as well. 

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Facebook Translates Itself Into Six Indian Languages

Here’s an interesting fact for you: India is the world’s second-largest country in terms of population.  And here’s one more detail: by unveiling Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu interfaces, Facebook has put itself in a good position to pursue India’s citizens. 

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Facebook Introduces Arabic And Hebrew Versions

It doesn’t look like Facebook’s international growth rate is going to taper off anytime soon.  Huge numbers of people will find the social network easier to access as of today, since Arabic and Hebrew versions of the site have been introduced.

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