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Google Translates 9 New Languages
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Google announced today that it has added nine new languages to Google Translate. That brings the total number of languages supported up to 51, as well as 2,550 language pairs, including all 23 official EU languages.

Google Docs Takes On Language Translation
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Language barriers can make communicating the simplest things painful; no one wants to do a sort of hokey pokey just to find the nearest restroom.  However, Google’s attempting to leap way past basic human needs and help with complicated manuscripts by introducing translation technology to Google Docs.

Google Apps Status Dashboard Launches In New Languages
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The Google Apps Status Dashboard came online in late February as a way of offering "performance information" about Google’s various products.  The information was only available in English, however, and Google’s now letting users all over the world become more well-informed with the introduction of 24 new languages.

Swahili Version Of Facebook Released

Facebook’s reach in Africa may have been extended today.  A Swahili version of the social networking site was formally released, and there’s word that alternatives in both Hausa and Zulu are liable to appear in the near future, as well. 

Facebook Translates Itself Into Six Indian Languages
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Here’s an interesting fact for you: India is the world’s second-largest country in terms of population.  And here’s one more detail: by unveiling Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu interfaces, Facebook has put itself in a good position to pursue India’s citizens. 

Facebook Introduces Arabic And Hebrew Versions
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It doesn’t look like Facebook’s international growth rate is going to taper off anytime soon.  Huge numbers of people will find the social network easier to access as of today, since Arabic and Hebrew versions of the site have been introduced.

Google Makes Map Maker More Accessible

Google announced today that Google Map Maker is now available in 27 languages with more to come. They can’t translate the interface itself into every language, so they have opened up Map Maker in "Google in Your Language" so users can translate it into their preferred language.

The current available languages include:

    * Bengali
    * Gujarati
    * Brazilian
    * Portugese

Google Language, Land Expansions Take Place
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It seems that a little recession isn’t going to halt everyone’s favorite search giant.  Google is continuing to branch out, with a recent growth spurt seeing it buy more land in Mountain View and make sure people who speak all sorts of languages can use its products.

FriendFeed Expands With Six New Interface Languages

There are all sorts of stories about friendships that were formed despite language barriers, and let’s not forget that many people have learned how to speak English even if it’s not their native tongue.  But FriendFeed has taken a step towards accommodating current members and recruiting new ones by launching six new language interfaces today.

Google Improving International Search
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Google is doing a lot of things to improve the way they rank sites across all of the different languages of the world. Some examples of where improvements are being made include taking into consideration things like:

LinkedIn Profiles Now Presentable In 41 Languages

There’s nothing like a global recession to expand one’s perspectives, and now more than ever, connection-seekers can be counted on to appreciate potential contacts whether they speak Albanian, Vietnamese, or anything in between.  So LinkedIn has created a new profile option that capitalizes on this fact.

Google Reader Gains Auto-Translation Abilities
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We English speakers are truly lucky that so much of the world is willing to accommodate us, learning enough of the language to at least give directions to the nearest bathroom.  But there’s an amazing amount of written content out there that isn’t in any given person’s native language, and to help with this issue, Google Reader has gained an auto-translate option.

New(ish) Gmail Reaching Speakers Of 37 Languages
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There’s something seemingly futile about discussing language options; after all, anyone who’s reading this article already understands English.  Still, we’re somewhat excited to report that Google is releasing a new version of Gmail in 37 languages.

Blogger Learns Persian, Hebrew, And Arabic

One of the most basic things about reading (or writing) English is the left-to-right motion.  Blogger’s now able to accommodate right-to-left movements, however, and as a result, has become available in Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic.Blogger Learns Persian, Hebrew, And Arabic

Chat with Google Translation Bot

If you need to translate to another language and occasionally need help on a word there is a new feature in Gmail Chat that you may find helpful.

You can find more details in a Googletalk blog post by Jonas Lindberg and there are more details on the blog of Rich Tehrani.

Google Talk Gadget Learns More Languages

Some announcements are surprising, while others are expected. 

This is neither; although we didn’t know it was going to happen, it’s actually quite logical that the Google Talk Gadget would gain support for 19 more languages.

Google Offers More Languages for Suggestsions
As always Google is always trying to constantly improve themselves and the latest feature launched is search suggestions in more languages.

Google Now Makes Suggestions In Many Languages

It’s always nice to see Google release its products and services in non-English languages; although these launches don’t do me much good, things feel less “America-centric” as a result.  Now Google’s being extra helpful by giving search suggestions in other languages.

Google Reader Leaves Labs, Learns Languages

Google’s known for leaving “beta” tags hanging about for long periods of time, but today, the company pulled one of its products out of testing.  Behold: Google Reader is no longer in Labs, and it’s also gained support for a number of new languages.

Google Announces New Language Developments

I’ve taken classes in Latin, Spanish, and French, and it would be bad for all of us if we had to rely on my understanding of those languages.  But those of you who are better with languages – and who are also familiar with some less common ones – should know that Google’s looking for volunteer translators.

Yahoo Image Search Incorporates Flickr Photos

Flickr is owned by Yahoo, and now the two operations are closer than ever- photos from Flickr have been integrated into Yahoo Image Search.

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