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Konfabulator 2 rocks

This says it all about the folks behind the latest version of Konfabulator, an application that lets you run a wide range of programs called widgets on your desktop.

Microsoft Office 12 Will Support XML

The new default file format for some programs in the next Office suite will make it easier for other programs to interoperate with them.

Blog-Talk Downunder Draws Near
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Blogtalk Downunder is getting close now – and some of the papers being presented are truly mouth watering stuff.

Fight 1337 Speak… Please Help Save Our Language
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“OMFG! W00+!!! Dat s0000000 Kewl!!!!1! Dat is teh LOL!!!!”

It’s happening. The Internet is invading our lives and our minds and corrupting as it progresses. Shorthand is destroying our youths’ spelling and grammar. In the worst cases these Internet phrases even are spilling over into every day life. I still shudder with horror remembering the day that someone actually said ‘LOL’ to me.

Google Launches 7 Foreign Language Editions of Google News
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Google announced late last night that they have launched seven non-english editions of their extremely popular Google News service.

Add Multiple Language Translation To Your Website For Free!

This article will discuss my personal experience in setting up the Translingo script. A step-by-step guide with assistance for getting it to work the way that your want. As Translingo is Freeware, it is free for both private and commercial use however, some of the third party translation engines may have conditional terms but you are free to choose which engines you offer.

XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL
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Since the inception of XML, many developers have wondered why we need XML…

AOL’s Spanish Language Election Coverage

AOL Latino will offer comprehensive election coverage through its “Tu Voz Es Tu Voto” (Your Voice is Your Vote) area.

Understanding GRML

HTML is the primary markup language used on the web. After its first release, it lacked many of the features taken for granted today on the web. It took many years for HTML to become what it is. In fact, almost four years passed between the first attempts at a markup language and HTML 2.0. In the years since 1995, HTML has continued changing. This demonstrates the commitment necessary to develop a markup language.

Culture and Website Localization

With the rise in ownership of computers and internet usage growing daily, the internet is fast becoming the primary port of call for information, shopping and services. In addition, those computer and internet users are increasingly from non-English speaking countries. At the end of 2002, it was estimated that 32% of internet users were non-native English speakers. This figure is constantly rising. In response, businesses have quickly become aware of the benefits of website localization.

Walla Launches Free 1 Gig Email Service
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Following up to a story that appeared on WPN in April, Walla! Communications has launched their new free email service, Walla!Mail, featuring 1 gigabyte of storage. This makes WallaMail the second fully operational email service that offers such a capacity, with Spymac being the first.

Making Communication Effective: 4 Language Filters

Language is a challenging way to communicate. It allows us to share our thoughts and feelings by describing our personal views of reality.

Global Multilingual Intranet: You Dont Need to Translate Everything But Stay Consistent


What are the effective compromises in supporting multi-languages on a global Intranet?

Speaking Body Language

I observed an almost surreal event when I was a business student.

A Wasted Opportunity for the Web Accessibility Cause
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The DRC (Disability Rights Commission) recently announced the results of their year-long investigation into the accessibility of 1000 UK websites. The report concluded that most websites are highly inaccessible, with over 81% not even meeting basic standards of accessibility.

Walla Communications Plans 1 Gig Email
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The Gmail repercussions are being felt throughout the web industry. The controversy caused by Gmail placing ads in emails, the allowance of large attachments, and of course, the 1 gigabyte of storage have all been discussed in great detail.

Ten Major Tips to Develop a Multilingual Web Site to Work
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If you are living in a country that its native language is something rather than English language, then you may like to develop your website to offer content in the language of your own country. There are millions of websites on the Internet that are all in English language but there are billions of people on the earth that speak in a different language and are not familiar with English language. However, most of the Internet users are basically familiar with English language and could use the Internet but there are many subjects that are hard to understand for those people whom their language is not English.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

Has it ever occurred to you how much you are saying to people even when you are not speaking? Unless you are a master of disguise, you are constantly sending messages about your true thoughts and feelings whether you are using words or not.

The Dangers of Publishing your Website in Another Language

Publishing your website in another language is like managing a brand new website. It demands people who are expert in writing and editing in that language. The standard of English on the Web, for example, is often poor, even for those whose native language it is. It can be embarrassingly bad for websites publishing English as a foreign language.

How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit
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An online translator is an interactive program implemented on a web page offering translations of a text into a different language. The translation is generated by a computer and instantly displayed. And best of all – using it doesn’t cost you anything!

Perl 6 Design Philosophy

At the heart of every language is a core set of ideals that give the language its direction and purpose. If you really want to understand the choices that language designers make–why they choose one feature over another or one way of expressing a feature over another–the best place to start is with the reasoning behind the choices.