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Service Modeling Language Submitted to W3C

Service Modeling Language has been submitted to the W3C.

Flickr to Launch New Language Versions

Flickr to launch Chinese-language version by end of 2007 In comments made to journalists in Taipei during a recent visit, Flickr Chief Stewart Butterfield said that Flickr would launch traditional Chinese, French, German and Spanish versions of Flickr by the end of 2007 according to the DigiTimes.

Localization Troubles

I have a website with a couple of games, presented in a couple of languages. What’s the best technical way to go about structuring such a multi-language site?* Some of the goals are:

Speedy Content Changes in Any Language

In the past, we’ve urged marketers to do it wrong quickly. But how can you make quick content changes when you have to translate into other languages? For global companies, translating their content into other languages can be a time-consuming process that delays the launch of new pages and campaigns. So, exactly how do you speed up your ability to change content when you have to do all that translating at the end?

Webinars in Many Languages

If you go to InterCall’s home page, you will find the word "global" prominently featured. Their tag line in the logo is: "InterCall – Global Conferencing Solutions" and down at the bottom of the page the small type says "InterCall is the leading conference call solution for global business." Not only that, but before you go surfing around their site, you are forced to select your country and language preference from a list of 18 representative flags.

Common Language Equates to Common Goals

Over at Dark Reading, Dr. Chris Pierson an attorney with Lewis and Roca discuses the impacts of not being able to communicate between business, security, IT, and others within the company.

Marketing Naturally

Whenever you are going to promote your product or website, you will be defining the goals of your marketing methods, as well as choosing the methods themselves.

Web Analytics Tool Evaluation

Tracking People not Behaviors

Is My Perl, CGI, MYSQL Site Obsolete?
· 1

That is the question that one person asks in the web programming discussion forum at WebProWorld.

Authorities, Language, And Relational Databases

Why does Google sponsor spam and tell people to blend their AdSense ads, but try to control other link sales?

Wikipedia Restored in China

I was asked by a journalist to comment on China selectively granting access to Wikipedia, so I thought I would share my response here.

The Butchering of the English Language
George Orwell was a great writer. I recently came across a cool paper he wrote in 1946 titled Politics and the English Language. In it he stated that most bad writing typically has the following two signatures:
  1. staleness of imagery
  2. lack of precision

He believed that it is the job of every writer to try to maintain (and improve upon) the clarity of language

Why Website Globalization Should Matter to International Businesses

What kind of financial return should a company expect when it globalizes its website? If it translates the e-commerce pages, will more people buy? Or is English enough for the still English-saturated web?

Dont send bloggers stuff for free unless its good

A lesson to corporate types: it’s good to catalyze conversations by sending out free stuff, but only if you’re pretty sure you’re already best of breed.

Google Launches Russian Blog

I bet Sergey Brin is beside himself with excitement today, as Google launches its first Russian language blog.

European Expansion for MySpace

MySpace.com, the online social network, is often a topic I include in presentations and workshops about social media and social computing.

The Multilingual Blogosphere

Everyone knows that the blogosphere continues to grow, still doubling in size every six months or so, maintaining a consistent three-year growth trend.

Multi Lingua Francas

Three separate but possibly related things about language and culture.

A Common Language for Online Advertisers

Coming from a background of more traditional media, I was used to everything being called the same thing.

Watch Your Search Engine Language

Jordan Glogau takes a look at the semantics of search and wonders who came up with all of these misnomers.

A New Book On C

The C programming language has been around for quite a while now. A new book by Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford called “C in a Nutshell” makes some interesting assertions and provide some useful information for the programming language first used in Unix.

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