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Why Website Globalization Should Matter to International Businesses

What kind of financial return should a company expect when it globalizes its website? If it translates the e-commerce pages, will more people buy? Or is English enough for the still English-saturated web?

Dont send bloggers stuff for free unless its good

A lesson to corporate types: it’s good to catalyze conversations by sending out free stuff, but only if you’re pretty sure you’re already best of breed.

Google Launches Russian Blog

I bet Sergey Brin is beside himself with excitement today, as Google launches its first Russian language blog.

European Expansion for MySpace

MySpace.com, the online social network, is often a topic I include in presentations and workshops about social media and social computing.

The Multilingual Blogosphere

Everyone knows that the blogosphere continues to grow, still doubling in size every six months or so, maintaining a consistent three-year growth trend.

Multi Lingua Francas

Three separate but possibly related things about language and culture.

A Common Language for Online Advertisers

Coming from a background of more traditional media, I was used to everything being called the same thing.

Watch Your Search Engine Language

Jordan Glogau takes a look at the semantics of search and wonders who came up with all of these misnomers.

A New Book On C

The C programming language has been around for quite a while now. A new book by Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford called “C in a Nutshell” makes some interesting assertions and provide some useful information for the programming language first used in Unix.

Reuters Financial Glossary Wiki

Reuters is hosting a Financial Glossary Wiki, a fascinating case study for the way enterprises will host professional communities.

Google Speaking The Spam Language

Matt Cutts announced last week that Google will take a closer look at web pages in languages besides English, and woe be unto those who run afoul of Google’s quality guidelines, available in several languages.

Expression Engine has OPML. Ho Hum.

Dave Winer, who is just about single-handedly pushing OPML into mainstream consciousness, likes the fact that Rick Ellis has added OPML support to Expression Engine, and points to Ellis’s use of the outlining language on his blog.

HLA – The High Level Assembly Programming Language

I’ve noted before that assembly language programming can be quite engrossing. It’s the level of detail that captivates; there can be a great deal of craftmanship and mental challenge in writing assembly programs.

Retailers Further Their Embrace Of The Hispanic Online Market

As the Hispanic penetration into the online world continues, slowly but surely retailers and site owners are being more conscience of this audience and the spending power they can provide.

Google Increases Support To 116 Languages

One of Google’s missions is to bring the ability of web search to all the corners of globe and this includes supporting as many languages as possible.

Gmail Introduces Additional Language Support

Gmail’s world domination tour continues full force, or at least it certainly appears that way. One of the clearest indicators of Gmail’s continuing expansion is when Google introduces more language support, which is what they’ve done today.

Should You Steer Clients Towards Local Search?

When providing SEO/SEM services for clients (or doing it for yourself), do you target, or at least pay attention to the growing number of local search presences? If so, is this something you consider worthwhile and if not, would you ever consider doing so…?

Technorati Now Filters by Language

Blog search engine Technorati is now capable of filtering blog posts by language, as this graphic shows…

Gmail Adds Additional Language Support
· 1

With the popularity of Google’s email service continuing to grow, the search engine has continued to tweak Gmail’s abilities in order to the growing number of international users who’ve shown interest in using the service.

Throw Out Your “Selling” Language – Unlock Your Natural Voice

I was sitting at my desk last week when my phone rang. I picked it up and said, “This is Ari with Unlock The Game.” The woman on the other end of the phone said, “Hi, my name is Julie Jackson, I’m with XYZ company and we are a…and we offer…”. As she continued to speak, I stopped her in mid-sentence and said, “Hi, Julie.”

Introduction to DQL -Documentum Query Language

DQL is the language used to query Documentum, which is a content management system used to create, manage, deliver, and archive all types of content from text documents and spreadsheets to digital images, HTML, and XML components.