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The Value of Website Testing [Infographic] The Value of Website Testing [Infographic]
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Today I’m sharing a new infographic from Monetate.com. The subject of their latest graphic is website testing. Whether you know it or not, most successful website designers and marketeers test their pages to make sure they are getting the most …

Impatience Key To Optimizing Landing Pages
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Passive is for the old ways of taking in media content. Active Internet users seek what they want, when they want it, and expect to find it fast.

AdWords Knows Your Landing Page Speed
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Speed will be part of the quality score impacting one’s keyword buys in Google’s AdWords service, with Google now showing landing page load times in the AdWords interface.

Email Marketing And Landing Pages
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Email marketing campaigns need better landing pages according to a Silverpop study "8 Seconds to Capture Attention: Silverpop’s Landing Page Report."

The Art of Landing Page Content
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Blogosphere buzz surrounding Google’s recent algorithmic changes to the way in which in evaluates landing pages for index inclusion and minimum bidding for keywords has propelled many site designers into a mindset revolving around updating, optimizing, and even totally revamping landing page content.

Looking at Google AdWords Landing Page Algorithms

ClickZ takes a closer look at Google’s tougher algorithms for AdWords landing pages. The changes are designed to filter out MFA sites aka “made for AdSense” which are designed to attract traffic for pennies and display AdSense ads that earn the publisher a profit.