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LAMP Development – Backbone of the World Wide Web
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The World Wide Web has always been an entity that needed a little bit of help in order to run effectively.

Developing Countries Breeding Grounds for Open Source

Red Herring’s Falguni Bhuta predictsMore (Open Source) momentum in developing countries“:

MySQL Trumpets Its Place In Web 2.0

Plenty of new and popular Internet companies have opted for the MySQL database as the back-end component of choice for their applications.

Yahoo Search SDK Updated

Newer libraries and new languages for Yahoo Search’s software development kit have brought support for Ruby, Lua, and Ajax widgets to developers.

LAMP Engineer Needed for New Yahoo! Site…

Jeff Boulter (engineering manager for Y! News) is looking for a few good hackers for a new Yahoo! site focused on technology …

Light Up the Web with Flash and a LAMP

When it comes to creating a robust server environment for delivering dynamic content securely and reliably across the Internet, it’s practically impossible to beat the LAMP setup. LAMP is an acronym which represents the combination of Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP which is probably the most common and best-loved collection of server-side technologies on planet Earth.