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Lake Tahoe Hotels: Top Places To Stay For Labor Day

Labor Day is just around the corner and Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy the last few days of summer. If you are planning to take a trip to Lake Tahoe this holiday, you may want to check out some of the best hotels in the area. These hotels are sure to offer the …

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Billy Ray Cyrus Honors Slain Middle School Teacher

Billy Ray Cyrus and his dad Ronald Ray Cyrus used to honor unsung American heroes on a regular basis, but the practice ended with the passing of the elder Cyrus back in 2006. Billy Ray Cyrus renewed the practice this weekend, however, when he honored a teacher who was slain during a middle school shooting in Nevada. Michael Landsberry was …

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Cal-Neva Casino, of Frank Sinatra Fame, Returning to Glory Days

Cal-Neva hotel-casino, so named because it straddles the California-Nevada state line, is closing starting Monday to undergo a multimillion-dollar renovation. Anticipated reopening is scheduled for 12 December 2014. The casino attached to the hotel shut its doors in 2010 due to declining business during a time of recession and hot competition from Las Vegas and Indian-gaming casinos. Developers Criswell-Radovan acquired …

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Tahoe Plane Crash Kills Pilot, Under Investigation

Investigators are working on determining what caused a plane to crash Monday morning near Lake Tahoe. Law enforcement officers reported that 67-year-old, Steven Lefton, was killed on impact of the crash. Steven Lefton’s wife, Karen Lefton, was pinned in the wreckage of the crash and sustained moderate injuries. Luckily, Beth Frisby, who happened to be an off duty flight nurse, …

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Monster Goldfish Found Breeding In Lake Tahoe

Monster goldfish have been found in Lake Tahoe, and as benign as that sounds, researchers say the creatures could pose a threat to the other aquatic life there. While looking for invasive wildlife in the lake, researcher Christine Ngai was part of a team who found the monstrous fish on a routine scan of the waters. She says they were …

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