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Indiana Oil Spill: Estimate Doubled, Survey Delayed

On Monday afternoon, oil giant BP reported an oil spill had occurred in Lake Michigan due to a leak at its Whiting refinery in northwest Indiana. The Indiana oil spill was reported to have been successfully contained by Monday evening. Yesterday, the company more than doubled its estimates regarding how much crude oil has poured into the lake. It is …

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Lake Michigan Ice Cover Breaks Record

According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 93.29% of Lake Michigan’s surface is covered in ice. This ice cover breaks the previous record of 93.1 percent in 1977. Just last week, the ice cover reached 92.2 percent for the entire five-lake system. By Monday night, it had dropped to 83.9 percent. The ice cover was …

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Jimmy Fallon Takes Polar Plunge in Lake Michigan

Jimmy Fallon and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel took the Polar Plunge into Lake Michigan on Sunday morning. Fallon promised the mayor if he appeared on his show in New York City that he would come to Chicago to take the big cold plunge. Emanuel, who wore a green Chicago Public Library T-shirt and shorts, went first. Jimmy Fallon followed immediately …

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Jimmy Fallon Takes Polar Plunge With Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show, asked Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, to be one of his guests on the show. The Mayor responded to Fallon’s invite on his Twitter account by saying that he would only be a guest on the show if Fallon takes part in the Chicago Polar Plunge. Emanuel agreed to participate in the Polar …

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Lake Michigan’s Shoreline Is Filling Up With Massive Ice Balls [Video]

Well, everyone knows how cold it has been in Michigan for the past couple of weeks, causing many people to lose power. Recently, something that people in Michigan have come to refer to as “ice balls” have started showing up on the shore of Lake Michigan. The weather has had drastic turns in all parts of the country, but it …

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