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California Expected to Set Water Restrictions

In an attempt to help curb the impact of a three-year drought, California is likely to soon issue a first-time mandatory water restriction. The California State Water Resources Control Board is expected to pass the emergency measure Tuesday, as reservoirs across the state and in the region are dwindling. Officials have stated that the new mandate would ban practices such …

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Lake Mead Survivor Treads Water for Hours

Even though Lake Mead is lower on water right now than it has ever been, it is still a huge place. And it is the last place you want to be in Nevada with monsoon-like winds roll in like they did on Tuesday. “It kind of came out of nowhere. We didn’t expect it to hit as hard as it …

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Lake Mead Water Levels Dangerously Low

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States, but Lake Mead is low, and that has some folks worried. Lake Mead was formed by the Hoover Dam, and sits between Nevada and Arizona. It is 112 miles long and supplies water to much of the Southwestern United States. Lake Mead is nearing an all-time low. While that may …

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Colorado River Flows Into Mexico Again Due To Minute 319

American and Mexican scientists teamed up to create an engineered spring flood to allow the Colorado River to flow into Mexico again for the first time in six decades. The Colorado River is the main river of the Southwestern United States, encompassing seven states. Famous for carving the Grand Canyon and for having intense whitewater rapids, the river is also …

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Lake Mead Drying Up, Las Vegas Could Be At Risk

If you were to take a boat and start floating across Lake Mead, you might notice that some parts of the surrounding rocks were considerably whiter than others. The horizontal ivory colored rock face might even seem pretty until you realize what they represent—Water that isn’t there anymore. Lake Mead is shrinking. This isn’t just any lake that’s getting smaller: …

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