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Acme Labs Mapper Using Google Maps

I’m not sure if I’ve seen it before or not but the ACME mapper mnashup is quite a cool app that integrates all teh terra server imagery into a mashup -see here.

Interview with Dan Thies of SEO Research Labs
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When you think of keyword research services, the name that often comes to mind these days is Dan Thies.

How Many Links Do You Need?
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We all know that link building is an important aspect of SEO. Most of the websites I look at are reasonably well optimized, at least in terms of “on page” factors, but they’re usually in terrible shape when it comes to links – both within the website and within the area of link popularity.

AdWords API Versioning Back To The Labs

After making version 3 of the AdWords API available, with new support for content bidding, Google had to revert to the previous version a day later.

Microsoft Launching Its Google Labs

After bringing Yahoo researcher Gary Flake into the Redmond fold last year, Microsoft has decided to make him the leader of their “Live Labs” research and development effort.

Live Labs Presentation By Dr. Gary Flake

A warning: The first half of this post was liveblogging, which is an uneven and sometimes confusing style. If you find yourself getting bored, just skip ahead to the meat of it where I bolded a few words.

Yahoo Yields Search Game To Google

Yahoo has admitted to something thousands of search engine users already know: it’s not going to beat Google at search dominance. Game. Set. Match. Google. The best way to read the Bloomberg report on Yahoo’s fall from the search game would be with a glass of champagne and a dish of strawberries and cream, Wimbledon style.

MSN Launching Answer to Google Labs

According to MediaPost, MSN has launched its own research and development group.

Whats With Google Web Quotes and Google Keyboard Shortcuts?
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Sometimes I don’t understand Google. At times they are quite brilliant, and other times they act like some high school kids with a web site.

Google Running Secret Quality Labs?

Henk Van Ess has started off a new blog, Search Bistro, with a scoop he claims to have found: Google’s evaluation labs.

Personalize Your Google Homepage

The basic Google homepage, a clean, minimalist setting with the occasional logo change for holidays, can now be tweaked.

Service Pack 2 Will Be Downloaded On April 12

Starting next Tuesday, April 12, machines running Windows XP without Service Pack 2 installed will no longer be able to block delivery of the much-discussed update. Machines without it installed will have the potentially 200-plus MB SP2 downloaded to their computers, no questions asked.

When It Comes to Tagging, You’re It

BusinessWeek takes a good look at tagging (sometimes called folksonomies) from an interesting perspective – the threat they pose to search engines…

Corporate Entities Slow To Install XP Service Pack 2

A study conducted by AssetMetrix determined a large number of corporate PCs have been slow to install Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Searching TV Shows with Google Video
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No, the Google Video search tool is not for finding naughty videos-use Yahoo Video for that (please, if you have kids, set on it’s filter). Google Video, on the other hand, is a product of Google Labs and it enables you to search their growing archive of televised content, by looking for words in the transcript.

Discovery Labs’ Shares Suffer Due to Product Delay

Discovery Labs shares went down 20% after the company revealed that Surfaxin may not be launched until late in the year.

Exxon Mobile SpeedPass Hack via RFID

Tired of paying for gas … Are you a geek with a laptop, knowledge of the Texas Instruments RFID spec and live near an Exxon Mobile gas station equipped with SpeedPass …

Stata Labs Purchased By Yahoo

Ensuring that the battle for email supremacy continues, Stata Labs, makers of searchable email client Bloomba, has announced that Yahoo has purchased their company.

Free Keyword Research Tools
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I was visiting Dan Thies’ revamped SEO Research Labs site and found a couple SEO tools he linked to that may help your efforts.

Indian researcher gets Bell Labs its 30,000th patent

Even as the amazing pace of innovation at Bell Labs enables the U.S. to maintain its global leadership in science and technology, Indian researchers have played a crucial role in enabling the Lucent Technologies’ world-renowned research and development unit, earn its reputation as the leading industrial R&D lab in the world.

Dan Thies Answers 2

Is link pop software any good or worth it? Like ARELIS 3 or OptiLink?