Offline Use Now Part of Everybody’s Gmail

Offline Use Now Part of Everybody’s Gmail

By Chris Crum December 8, 2009 | 1 Comment

Gmail’s offline feature has graduated from Gmail Labs, and is now a full-blown feature of Google’s email service. The feature emerged as a lab experiment nearly a year ago, but it has now been deemed ready for primetime.

Microsoft Live Labs Listas Preview
Microsoft Live Labs have recently released their latest technology preview, Microsoft Live Labs Listas, a web-based application tool for the creation, management and sharing of lists, notes, favorites, and other such stuff.

Google Transit Graduates, Gets Wrapped Into Maps

Saving people’s time, money, and the environment, it’s Google Transit to the rescue!  Only the service appears to have left on its Clark Kent glasses – despite officially graduating from Google Labs, the words “Labs” remains on its homepage.

Google Reader Leaves Labs, Learns Languages

Google’s known for leaving “beta” tags hanging about for long periods of time, but today, the company pulled one of its products out of testing.  Behold: Google Reader is no longer in Labs, and it’s also gained support for a number of new languages.

Storm Worm Spreads In YouTube Spam

One of the most prolific worms in recent memory has been seen in connection with spam that purports to be from a friend who wants you to see a YouTube video.

Ooga Labs Cooking In Creative Secrecy

Google’s known as the company with a “different” kind of corporate culture.  Call Ooga Labs “really different,” then – these guys play Calvinball, a game in which “the only permanent rule . . . is that you can’t play it the same way twice.”  Between matches, Ooga’s employees apparently work on stuff like search engines and social networks.

Experiment with GOOG-411

Google recently released their new Voice Local Search in beta, also known as “GOOG-411″, and I thought I’d kick the tires a bit. They also mentioned it on their new Google Lat Long Blog.

Joey Hops Around Mozilla Labs

A simpler way to store web content for later retrieval on a mobile device is in the works at the Mozilla Foundation.

Adobe Labs Testing Social Newspaper

MyFeedz.com launched quietly in ‘technology preview’ mode from Adobe Labs recently, offering a web-based application that learns from the visitor’s reading habits to continually improve the information it presents.

AdCenter Labs Features New Toys

New tools at Microsoft’s adCenter allow people to forecast keyword impression counts and demographics, and to detect location details from a search query.

The Geographic Detection tool works in a straightforward manner. Submit a query with a prominent destination like a business or lankmark, and it can provide additional details

Watch Your Steps Before Upgrading to WordPress 2.1

I ran into issues while trying to upgrade a Wordpress 2.0.7 installation to the new Wordpress 2.1 release.

ColdFusion WebSphere Portal Toolkit
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Once again Adobe is using the Labs site to release new software in development – this time a ColdFusion toolkit that integrates with WebSphere Portal Server.

Baeza-Yates Plans Knowledge For Yahoo

Ricardo Baeza-Yates joined Yahoo from the Center for Web Research in Chile in January 2006 and chatted about his plans for Yahoo Research on Yahoo’s Search blog.

Greasemonkey Unites Gmail, Google Reader

Gmail has become pretty much omnipresent in its popularity, and Google Reader also received positive reviews after its last round of tweaks. Now, Mihai Parparita, a member of the Google Reader team, has combined the two. Users of his Greasemonkey script will be able to receive feeds in Gmail.

Enjoy Full Screen Video with Flash Player 9

With the release of the new updates for Windows and Mac, besides fixing a bunch of bugs, Flash Player 9 will support Full Screen Mode on the web straight out of the browser. Adobe labs has the full details for you complete with Publish Template for Flash, Flex Builder and Sample Application.

Digg Labs Goes Live

Digg.com has introduced its own lab, named (accurately, if not creatively) Digg Labs. This new addition will allow visitors to test features and consider concepts before they are introduced to the main Digg site. User feedback could also prevent things from making the transition from Digg Labs to Digg.

Stack And Swarm At The Digg Labs

User-contributed news site Digg has entered experimental territory, as founder Kevin Rose disclosed the debut of Digg Labs.