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L.A. Deputies Shoot Hostages Fleeing from Stabbing Assailant, One Dead

Aspiring television producer John Winkler, 30, was accidentally shot and killed at a West Hollywood apartment Monday following a case of mistaken identity. Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies received a call Monday detailing a man with a knife holding three residents hostage. The caller described the attacker as a Caucasian man wearing a black shirt. When deputies arrived at the …

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Kim Kardashian Caught Getting Ticket [VIDEO]

Most people have been pedal heavy at least once in their lives; however, for reality uber-star, Kim Kardashian, her heavy foot moment was caught all on camera. The thirty-three-year-old was seen by paparazzi on November 12th speeding while driving on the Los Angeles freeway, and (unfortunately for the star) the police noticed as well. According to TMZ, the incident happened …

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