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Microsoft Readies Big Ad Assault for New Search Engine
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Microsoft is launching an ad attack against Google to the tune of $80-100 million, according to AdAge. This will include ads on television, radio, print, and of course online.

Microsoft Set To Unveil Kumo Next Week

Microsoft is set to introduce its new search service Kumo next week according to sources familiar with the matter.

Microsoft will likely unveil Kumo at D: All Things Digital, a technology conference held in Carlsbad, California, according to the Wall Street Journal. Kumo has been internally tested by Microsoft employees for a number of months.

The company hopes Kumo will help it better compete with search leaders Google and Yahoo. Microsoft has remained a distant third in search engine market share and advertising revenue.

Report: MSFT To Spend $100M Promoting New Search Brand
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Microsoft’s new search brand should be announced sooner rather than later, and when that day comes, it looks like the corporation is going to make sure people notice.  According to a new report, Microsoft intends to spend as much as $100 million on an advertising campaign.

Kumo Definitely Just a Testing Name (Or is it?)
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Update 2: LiveSide who shared that tweet about Microsoft saying Kumo was only a test name is now saying they made an error and the tweet didn’t actually come from Microsoft. So…disregard that. Let’s just say there’s no certainty one way or the other.

Microsoft Kumo Screenshot Emerges
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LiveSide has snagged a look at the home page of Kumo, courtesy of some un-named Microsoft employee Twitterers. It looks something like this:

Kumo Screenshot

Upon first glance, it look pretty similar to say, this:

Microsoft’s Kumo Will Only Come with Minor Tweaks
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What can you expect from Microsoft’s rebranded search engine? A new name, and not a whole lot else from the sound of it. As you’ve probably read by now, Kumo is the name that is most commonly associated with the search engine, though Microsoft has not officially named it.

Is Microsoft Going to Make Waves in Search This Year?
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In a story we covered earlier this month, John Battelle accidentally typed livesearch.com into his address bar only to find a domain squatter. This of course led to speculation that Microsoft was close to rebranding its Live Search. They clearly were not too concerned about getting that domain (it’s still the same a couple weeks later).

Microsoft Trialing New Search Service Internally
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Microsoft has begun internally testing its new search service called Kumo and is asking employees to provide feedback.

"Kumo.com exists only inside the corporate network, and in order to get enough feedback we will be redirecting internal live.com traffic over to the test site in the coming days," wrote Satya Nadella, senior vice president of research and development for Microsoft’s online services division in an internal memo.

Microsoft Exec Lets Word Slip Of Live Search Rebranding
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The Live Search name looks to be nearing the end of its existence.  Barney Pell, the founder and CEO of Powerset who became a search strategist and evangelist for Microsoft post-acquisition, confirmed a pending change with a tweet this weekend.