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Krispy Kreme Abomination Fakes US Buyers While Foreigners Get the Good Stuff

Dammit, Krispy Kreme. Is your opinion of American consumers that low? News that Krispy Kreme is doing a limited market sell of a donut that can only be described as a killer of men has taken the Interwebs by storm. The North Carolina-based donut chain is partnering with the Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball team, a single-A affiliate of the Kansas …

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Krispy Kreme Adds Two New Doughnut Flavors

The next time you are drawn to the lure of Krispy Kreme’s red “Hot Now” sign, instead of buying only a dozen hot glazed doughnuts, you might want to try out one of the doughnut chain’s two new flavors. The North Carolina based chain has decided to collide the two wonderful worlds of coffee and doughnuts by introducing two coffee-flavored …

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Krispy Kreme Gives Us Two New Flavors

If you love coffee and donuts, then you will be thrilled to hear about what’s coming to Krispy Kreme. The company has just unveiled not one but two brand new coffee-flavored donuts. The first flavor is the Mocha Kreme. It is described as a “moist yeast doughnut filled with a tasty blend of chocolate and coffee flavors”. Yum! The donut …

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National Donut Day: Free Donuts Abound

Today is that most American of minor holidays: National Donut Day. Donut retailers across the country today are giving away their fried bread treats to celebrate the 76th annual holiday. Krispy Kreme, once again, is offering the most open donut giveaway. Any person can receive one free donut, with no purchase necessary. Follow @krispykreme (image) krispykreme @krispykreme Happy National Doughnut …

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National Donut Day Means Free Donuts Today

Every year The Salvation Army declares June 1 National Donut Day in honor of the Salvation Army “donut girls” who served donuts to soldiers in Europe during World War I. The organization has a short, wholesome video on the subject that you can view below. It’s sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy about the U.S., but that’s just …

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Krispy Kreme Apps, Now You Know When You Can Get a Free Hot Original Doughnut

Who doesn’t love a free Hot Original Glazed doughnut that has just come off of the line? But waiting for the neon glow of the “Hot Now” lights isn’t feasible for most people. Well a new app from Krispy Kreme will notify you when you can get those fresh, warm, and heavenly rings of dough. The Hot Light Online app …

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