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Google Mexico Blog
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Zorgloob writes that Google has launched an official Mexican company blog.

Korea Vows Online Robots In Every Home

A heaping dose of Battle Bots and movies like Terminator and I, Robot have instilled a (healthy?) paranoia of centrally controlled robot futures – at least in the States. In South Korea, not so much, as the country announced its plan to have a robot in every home – very, very soon.

Microsoft Appealing Korean Case

The software company has appealed the case brought by the Korean Fair Trade Commission against it, and sought the revocation of the KFTC decision.

Google Me, Im Irish

Welcome to the party! The Irish are known for a few things – whisky, odd Irish luck, fierce warriors, and poetry. “Stereotypes!” says my Irish friend Martin. Maybe. But St. Patrick’s day is a celebration of those very things-the spirit of the Celt. If I spoke Gaelic (and I once did, I’m sure of it), I’d tell you to toss one back for me, even if my family’s color was orange (and at one time we even liked the snakes).

Korea’s David Faces Goliath Google

BWeek (again) looks at how a small search engine in Korea is positively whooping some Mountain View butt.

Microsoft Pays Off Daum, Korea Still Probing

A $30 million settlement will see Lycos-purchaser Daum Communications of South Korea resolves antitrust accusations, but won’t stop Seoul investigators from checking claims of improper business tactics.

Yahoo Consolidating Europe, Korea Holdings

The portal company plans to buy out Softbank’s stakes in Yahoo Korea and in several European Yahoo sites.

South Korea Not Pleased With Google Maps

Apparently, Google’s satellite mapping technology is working a little too well for the comfort of the South Korean leadership structure.

Korea Gets First Taste of Yahoo’s Blog Search

Yahoo is currently testing its blog-search in Korea. When Yahoo releases the blog-search in other countries such as the United States, it will pose a competitive threat to other blog search engines like Technorati.

MSN Korea Hacked, Says Microsoft

The Korean portal reportedly fell victim to hackers for one reason: its servers had not been patched.

South Korea Finance Minister Steps Down

South Korea finance minister Lee Hun-jai resigned following the media’s suspicions of his involvement in lucrative real estate deals.

Shell and Total to Supply $20 Billion in LNG to South Korea

Royal Dutch/Shell and Total will be supplying $20 billion worth of liquefied natural gas to South Korea.

A New Standard for Korea First Bank

Standard Chartered is set to acquire Korea First Bank for $3.3 billion by the end of April.

eBay’s Offer to Korea Trading Company

eBay announced the results of its tender offer in Korea for publicly-held common shares of the Korean online trading company.

Yahoo Korea Selects FLAG Telecom to Provide Trans-continental Connectivity

Dedicated High Quality Circuits Provide Pinpoint Customer Authentication and High Speed Access to International Content.

Advertising is Changing

CNET CEO and Chairman Shelby Bonnie believes advertising is fundamentally changing and the mindset of what marketing is needs to change along with it.